cheng2 Reading Pinyin deng4 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On . Reading Kun .ます Reading Kun -す.ます Reading Kun きよ Nanori すす Nanori すみ Nanori Nanori jing Reading Korean Reading Korean
lucidity Meaning be clear Meaning clear Meaning clarify Meaning settle Meaning strain Meaning look grave Meaning limpide Meaning fr clair Meaning fr clarifier Meaning fr lucidité Meaning fr se dégager Meaning fr tendre (l'oreille) Meaning fr attitude composée Meaning fr clarificar Meaning es aclarar Meaning es ajustar cuentas Meaning es asentarse Meaning es lucidez Meaning pt limpar-se Meaning pt limpar Meaning pt esclarecer Meaning pt colocar Meaning pt esforçar Meaning pt olhar sério Meaning pt

chan3 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On みち. Reading Kun cheon Reading Korean Reading Korean
clarify Meaning

gao3 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On キョウ Reading On たた. Reading Kun
to clear Meaning clarify Meaning

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