つめ Reading
nail (e.g. fingernail, toenail) Translation eng claw Translation eng talon Translation eng hoof Translation eng plectrum Translation eng pick Translation eng hook Translation eng clasp Translation eng {Anat.} Nagel Translation ger Fingernagel Translation ger Fußnagel Translation ger Kralle Translation ger Klaue Translation ger Huf Translation ger {Mus.} Fingerplektrum Translation ger médiator Translation fre plectre Translation fre griffe Translation fre ongle Translation fre serre Translation fre ноготь Translation rus коготь Translation rus

爪クラッチ Word
つめクラッチ Reading
claw clutch Translation eng

鉤爪 Word カギ爪 Word かぎ爪 Word 鈎爪 Word
かぎづめ Reading カギづめ Reading
claw Translation eng talon Translation eng
扁爪 Crossref

Radical Radical
claw Meaning

拔釘錘 Traditional 拔钉锤 Simplified
ba2 ding1 chui2 Pinyin
claw hammer English

Traditional Simplified
zhua3 Pinyin
claw English

腳爪 Traditional 脚爪 Simplified
jiao3 zhua3 Pinyin
claw English

Traditional Simplified
ao2 Pinyin
nippers English claw (of crab) English chela English pincers English Astacus fluviatilis English

Traditional Simplified
qian2 Pinyin
pincers English pliers English tongs English claw (of animal) English to grasp with pincers English to pinch English to clamp English to restrain English to restrict English to gag English

zhua3 Reading Pinyin zhao3 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On つめ Reading Kun つま- Reading Kun jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
claw Meaning nail Meaning talon Meaning ongle Meaning fr griffe Meaning fr serre Meaning fr plectre Meaning fr uña Meaning es garra Meaning es zarpa Meaning es

lan4 Reading Pinyin
claw radical (no. 87) Meaning

Character claw, nail, talon; animal feet Definition
ZHUA3 ZHAO3 Pinyin zaau2 Jyutping SOU On TSUME Kun Hangul CO Korean jrǎu Tang trảo Viet

回収金 Word
かいしゅうきん Reading
(money) recovery Translation eng claw-back Translation eng

爪牙 Word
そうが Reading
claws and tusks Translation eng devious design Translation eng right-hand man Translation eng Klauen und Fänge Translation ger (eines Tieres) Translation ger jmds Kontrolle Translation ger Handlanger Translation ger Befehlsempfänger Translation ger

はさみ Reading
pincers (crab, scorpion, etc.) Translation eng claws Translation eng

爪牙 Traditional 爪牙 Simplified
zhao3 ya2 Pinyin
pawn English lackey English accomplice (in crime) English collaborator English henchman English claws and teeth English

ao2 Reading Pinyin ゴウ Reading On はさみ Reading Kun o Reading Korean Reading Korean
claws Meaning

クローソン Reading Clawson Romaji

クロウソン Reading Clawson Romaji

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