Character collar or lapel of garment Definition
JIN1 QIN4 Pinyin gam1 kam1 Jyutping KIN On ERI Kun Hangul KUM Korean *gyim Tang

Character collar Definition
JI2 Pinyin gik1 Jyutping

カラー Reading
collar Translation eng color Translation eng colour Translation eng calla (variety of arum lily) Translation eng Farbe Translation ger couleur Translation fre цвет (en: color) Translation rus

襟元 Word
えりもと Reading
front of neck Translation eng collar Translation eng Nackengegend Translation ger Ausschnitt Translation ger Kragen Translation ger Hals Translation ger cou Translation fre

Word Word Word
えり Reading
neck Translation eng collar Translation eng lapel Translation eng neckband Translation eng {Anat.} Hals Translation ger Nacken Translation ger Genick Translation ger {Kleidung} Kragen Translation ger Halsband Translation ger col Translation fre cou Translation fre revers Translation fre

胸倉 Word 胸座 Word
むなぐら Reading
collar Translation eng lapels Translation eng chest Translation eng Revers Translation ger

項領 Word
こうりょう Reading
collar Translation eng neck Translation eng

襟回り Word
えりまわり Reading
collar Translation eng area around the collar Translation eng counterclockwise (when seated in a circle) Translation eng

肩口 Word
かたぐち Reading
top of the shoulders Translation eng tip of the shoulder Translation eng collar Translation eng
肩先 Crossref

襟先 Word 衿先 Word
えりさき Reading
collar points Translation eng

カラーシャツ Reading
colored shirt Translation eng shirt with a collar Translation eng collar shirt Source Language eng color shirt Source Language eng

套包 Traditional 套包 Simplified
tao4 bao1 Pinyin
collar part of horse harness English

硬領 Traditional 硬领 Simplified
ying4 ling3 Pinyin
collar English

衣領 Traditional 衣领 Simplified
yi1 ling3 Pinyin
collar English neck English

Traditional Simplified
wei4 Pinyin
collar English

Traditional Simplified
ling3 Pinyin
neck English collar English to lead English to receive English classifier for clothes, mats, screens etc English

領口 Traditional 领口 Simplified
ling3 kou3 Pinyin
collar English neckband English neckline English

領釦 Traditional 领扣 Simplified
ling3 kou4 Pinyin
collar button English

頸圈 Traditional 颈圈 Simplified
jing3 quan1 Pinyin
collar (animal) English

jin1 Reading Pinyin キン Reading On コン Reading On えり Reading Kun geum Reading Korean Reading Korean
neck Meaning collar Meaning lapel Meaning cuello Meaning es solapa Meaning es

jin1 Reading Pinyin キン Reading On えり Reading Kun geum Reading Korean Reading Korean
collar Meaning neck Meaning lapel Meaning nuque Meaning fr col Meaning fr revers Meaning fr cuello Meaning es solapa Meaning es corazón Meaning es pensamiento Meaning es colarinho Meaning pt pescoço Meaning pt lapela Meaning pt

bo2 Reading Pinyin ハク Reading On ホク Reading On えり Reading Kun
collar Meaning to expose Meaning

Character collar; to expose Definition
BO2 Pinyin bok3 buk6 Jyutping HAKU HOKU On ERI Kun

鎖骨 Word
さこつ Reading
collarbone Translation eng clavicle Translation eng {Anat.} Schlüsselbein Translation ger Clavicula Translation ger

鎖骨 Traditional 锁骨 Simplified
suo3 gu3 Pinyin
collarbone English clavicle English

コラール Reading Kolar (India) Romaji Colard Romaji Collard Romaji Coral Romaji Corral Romaji Kolla'r Romaji Kollar Romaji

カラーレス Reading
collarless Translation eng colorless Translation eng colourless Translation eng farblos Translation ger

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