jing4 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On ケイ Reading On きそ. Reading Kun . Reading Kun かい Nanori わたなべ Nanori gyeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
emulate Meaning compete with Meaning bid Meaning sell at auction Meaning bout Meaning contest Meaning race Meaning compétition Meaning fr rivaliser Meaning fr enchère Meaning fr vente aux enchères Meaning fr combat Meaning fr concours Meaning fr course Meaning fr competir Meaning es rivalizar Meaning es comparar Meaning es imitar Meaning pt competir com Meaning pt oferta Meaning pt vender em leilão Meaning pt disputa Meaning pt competição Meaning pt corrida Meaning pt

zheng1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On あらそ. Reading Kun いか.でか Reading Kun jaeng Reading Korean Reading Korean
contend Meaning dispute Meaning argue Meaning se quereller Meaning fr se disputer Meaning fr pelear Meaning es disputar Meaning es discutir Meaning es competir Meaning es lutar Meaning pt disputar Meaning pt discutir Meaning pt

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