ji4 Reading Pinyin サイ Reading On セイ Reading On . Reading Kun -ず. Reading Kun -ずみ Reading Kun .まない Reading Kun .ます Reading Kun -す.ます Reading Kun すく. Reading Kun . Reading Kun わたし Reading Kun わた. Reading Kun すむ Nanori なり Nanori わたる Nanori je Reading Korean Reading Korean
finish Meaning come to an end Meaning excusable Meaning need not Meaning achever Meaning fr finir Meaning fr excusable Meaning fr s'en sortir sans Meaning fr ayudar Meaning es rescatar Meaning es terminar Meaning es finalizar Meaning es acabar Meaning es concluir Meaning es reembolsar Meaning es devolver Meaning es fim Meaning pt terminar Meaning pt desculpável Meaning pt não necessário Meaning pt

na4 Reading Pinyin ノウ Reading On ナッ Reading On Reading On ナン Reading On トウ Reading On おさ.める Reading Kun -おさ.める Reading Kun おさ.まる Reading Kun Nanori Nanori nab Reading Korean Reading Korean
settlement Meaning obtain Meaning reap Meaning pay Meaning supply Meaning store Meaning installer Meaning fr obtenir Meaning fr récolter Meaning fr payer Meaning fr réserve Meaning fr remise Meaning fr hangar Meaning fr pagar Meaning es proveer Meaning es suministrar Meaning es entregar Meaning es finalizar Meaning es concluir Meaning es acordo Meaning pt obtem Meaning pt colheita Meaning pt pagamento Meaning pt oferta Meaning pt loja Meaning pt

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