Traditional Simplified
huo4 Pinyin
confuse English

使發獃 Traditional 使发呆 Simplified
shi3 fa1 dai1 Pinyin
benebelt (u.E.) (V) Deutsch confuse (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

使糊塗 Traditional 使糊涂 Simplified
shi3 hu2 tu5 Pinyin
beirren (u.E.) (V) Deutsch benebelt (u.E.) (V) Deutsch confuse (u.E.) (V) Deutsch rätseln (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

使茫然 Traditional 使茫然 Simplified
shi3 mang2 ran2 Pinyin
benebelt (u.E.) (V) Deutsch confuse (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

使暈眩 Traditional 使晕眩 Simplified
shi3 yun1 xuan4 Pinyin
benebelt (u.E.) (V) Deutsch confuse (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

kuang2 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On くる. Reading Kun くる.おしい Reading Kun くるお.しい Reading Kun gwang Reading Korean Reading Korean
lunatic Meaning insane Meaning crazy Meaning confuse Meaning fou Meaning fr aliéné Meaning fr insensé Meaning fr confusion Meaning fr locura Meaning es desorden Meaning es enloquecer Meaning es loco Meaning es demente Meaning es lunático Meaning pt louco Meaning pt insano Meaning pt confundir Meaning pt

hun3 Reading Pinyin hun2 Reading Pinyin hun4 Reading Pinyin コン Reading On .じる Reading Kun -ま.じり Reading Kun .ざる Reading Kun .ぜる Reading Kun . Reading Kun hon Reading Korean gon Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
mix Meaning blend Meaning confuse Meaning mélanger Meaning fr confusion Meaning fr mezclar Meaning es mezclarse Meaning es confundir Meaning es estar mezclado Meaning es agitar Meaning es misturar Meaning pt mistura Meaning pt confundir Meaning pt

chan4 Reading Pinyin サン Reading On セン Reading On まじりあ. Reading Kun
confuse Meaning mix Meaning interpolate Meaning

Character confuse, senile, stupid Definition
PANG2 Pinyin pong4 Jyutping

Character confuse, mislead, baffle; doubt Definition
HUO4 Pinyin waak6 Jyutping WAKU On MADOU MADOI Kun Hangul HOK Korean hoặc Viet

Character confuse, mix, interpolate Definition
CHAN4 Pinyin caan3 can3 Jyutping SAN SEN On MAJIRIAU Kun

Character confused talk Definition
LAN2 Pinyin laan1 Jyutping LAN Korean rợn Viet

Character confused Definition
HUN1 Pinyin KON BIN On

𦆯 Character confused Definition
ban1 Jyutping

まごまご Reading
confused Translation eng verwirrt Translation ger durcheinander Translation ger unschlüssig Translation ger unentschlossen Translation ger zögerlich Translation ger confus Translation fre

慌ただしい Word 慌しい Word 遽しい Word
あわただしい Reading
busy Translation eng hurried Translation eng confused Translation eng flurried Translation eng gehetzt Translation ger rastlos Translation ger überstürzt Translation ger erregt Translation ger in Eile Translation ger énervé Translation fre confus Translation fre occupé Translation fre pressé Translation fre

支離滅裂 Word
しりめつれつ Reading
incoherent Translation eng inconsistent Translation eng illogical Translation eng disorderly Translation eng confused Translation eng nonsensical Translation eng Inkonsistenz Translation ger fehlender Zusammenhang Translation ger Beziehungslosigkeit Translation ger Ungereimtheit Translation ger

騒然 Word
そうぜん Reading
noisy Translation eng confused Translation eng uproarious Translation eng Lärm Translation ger Tumult Translation ger Aufgeregtheit Translation ger bruyant Translation fre confus Translation fre tumultueux Translation fre

煩雑 Word 繁雑 Word
はんざつ Reading
complex Translation eng intricate Translation eng complicated Translation eng confused Translation eng troublesome Translation eng vexatious Translation eng Verwicklung Translation ger Kompliziertheit Translation ger Umständlichkeit Translation ger Lästigkeit Translation ger complexe Translation fre compliqué Translation fre confus Translation fre embrouillé Translation fre incommode Translation fre

擦った揉んだ Word
すったもんだ Reading
confused (situation) Translation eng great fuss Translation eng much wrangling Translation eng Hin und Her Translation ger Theater Translation ger großes Aufheben Translation ger Streitigkeiten Translation ger Uneinigkeit Translation ger

無茶苦茶 Word
むちゃくちゃ Reading
confused Translation eng jumbled Translation eng mixed up Translation eng unreasonable Translation eng Durcheinander Translation ger Tohuwabohu Translation ger sans queue ni tête Translation fre

訌争 Word
こうそう Reading
confused fighting Translation eng interner Streit Translation ger interne Streitigkeiten Translation ger Familienzwist Translation ger

混雑した Word
こんざつした Reading
disorderly Translation eng confused Translation eng congested Translation eng

迷訳 Word
めいやく Reading
confused translation Translation eng puzzling translation Translation eng

しどろもどろ Reading
flustered Translation eng confused Translation eng disordered Translation eng incoherent Translation eng

うざっこい Reading
jumbled up Translation eng confused Translation eng frustrating Translation eng

パンチドランク Reading
befuddled (from punch drunk) Translation eng confused Translation eng
ふらふら Crossref

七葷八素 Traditional 七荤八素 Simplified
qi1 hun1 ba1 su4 Pinyin
confused English distracted English

亂麻 Traditional 乱麻 Simplified
luan4 ma2 Pinyin
lit. tangled skein English in a tremendous muddle English confused English

吃錯藥 Traditional 吃错药 Simplified
chi1 cuo4 yao4 Pinyin
confused (slang) English

喧嘩 Traditional 喧哗 Simplified
xuan1 hua2 Pinyin
brouhaha English hullabaloo English confused noise English hubbub English clamor English

Traditional Simplified
lan2 Pinyin
|, to accuse unjustly Variant
confused chatter English incomprehensible babble English

囒哰 Traditional 囒哰 Simplified
lan2 lao2 Pinyin
confused talk English

困惑 Traditional 困惑 Simplified
kun4 huo4 Pinyin
bewildered English perplexed English confused English difficult problem English perplexity English

Traditional Simplified
hun1 Pinyin
confused English forgetful English silly English

Traditional Simplified
hun4 Pinyin
confused English dishonor English

慌張 Traditional 慌张 Simplified
huang1 zhang1 Pinyin
confused English flustered English

Traditional Simplified
kui4 Pinyin
confused English troubled English

攘攘 Traditional 攘攘 Simplified
rang3 rang3 Pinyin
disorderly English confused English chaotic English

昏亂 Traditional 昏乱 Simplified
hun1 luan4 Pinyin
dazed English confused English fuddled English

昏頭昏腦 Traditional 昏头昏脑 Simplified
hun1 tou2 hun1 nao3 Pinyin
confused English dizzy English fainting English

Traditional Simplified
yun1 Pinyin
confused English dizzy English giddy English faint English swoon English lose consciousness English pass out English

Traditional Simplified
fen2 Pinyin
beams in roof English confused English

Traditional Simplified
gu3 Pinyin
confused English extinguished English

Traditional Simplified
dun4 Pinyin
confused English turbid English

Traditional Simplified
xiao2 Pinyin yao2 Taiwan
confused and disorderly English mixed English

Traditional Simplified
hun2 Pinyin
confused English dirty English to mix English muddy English also written | English

爽然 Traditional 爽然 Simplified
shuang3 ran2 Pinyin
open and happy English carefree English at a loss English confused English

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