he2 Reading Pinyin ゴウ Reading On ガッ Reading On カッ Reading On . Reading Kun -あ. Reading Kun . Reading Kun あい- Reading Kun -あ. Reading Kun -あい Reading Kun .わす Reading Kun .わせる Reading Kun -あ.わせる Reading Kun あう Nanori あん Nanori Nanori Nanori こう Nanori ごお Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori わい Nanori hab Reading Korean Reading Korean
fit Meaning suit Meaning join Meaning 0.1 Meaning correspondre Meaning fr convenir Meaning fr joindre Meaning fr go (0,18 l ou 0,33 m) Meaning fr adecuado Meaning es apropiado Meaning es correcto Meaning es sentar bien Meaning es ser adecuado Meaning es ser correcto Meaning es hacer juego Meaning es encaixe Meaning pt unir Meaning pt

zhun3 Reading Pinyin ジュン Reading On じゅん.じる Reading Kun じゅん.ずる Reading Kun なぞら.える Reading Kun のり Reading Kun ひと.しい Reading Kun みずもり Reading Kun jun Reading Korean jeol Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
semi- Meaning correspond to Meaning proportionate to Meaning conform Meaning imitate Meaning demi- Meaning fr correspondre à Meaning fr proportionnel à Meaning fr se conformer à Meaning fr standard Meaning fr semi Meaning es asociado Meaning es norma Meaning es asemejar Meaning es semi- Meaning pt corresponder-se Meaning pt proporcional para Meaning pt adaptar-se Meaning pt imitar Meaning pt

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