Character a tower, pagoda Definition
DA1 DA5 Pinyin taap3 Jyutping đắp Viet

Character a sound made to get a horse to move forward Definition
DA1 Pinyin daat6 Jyutping
U+5660 Traditional

Character sound made to get a horse to move forward Definition
DA1 Pinyin daat6 Jyutping TATSU TACHI DACHI On TAL Korean đặt Viet
U+54D2 Simplified

DA1 DA5 Pinyin

Character join together, attach to; add to Definition
DA1 TA4 Pinyin daap3 Jyutping TOU On NOSERU NORU Kun Hangul THAP Korean đắp Viet
U+6428 Variant

Character (Cant.) to strike, pound Definition
DA1 Pinyin dap3 Jyutping TOU On THAP Korean

Character ears hanging down Definition
DA1 ZHE2 Pinyin daap3 Jyutping TOU CHOU On

Character answer: small bean; thick Definition
DA1 DA2 TA4 Pinyin daap3 Jyutping TOU On AZUKI KOTAERU Kun
U+7B54 Variant

Character girdle; loincloth; pouch, bag Definition
DA1 Pinyin daap3 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
da1 Pinyin
da! (sound used to move animals along) English

哒嗪 Traditional 哒嗪 Simplified
da1 qin2 Pinyin
pyrazine C4H4N2 English diazine English

Traditional Simplified
da1 Pinyin
(phonetic) English command to a horse English clatter (of horses' hoofs) English

Traditional Simplified
da1 Pinyin
to put up English to build (scaffolding) English to hang (clothes on a pole) English to connect English to join English to arrange in pairs English to match English to add English to throw in (resources) English to take (boat, train) English

搭乘 Traditional 搭乘 Simplified
da1 cheng2 Pinyin
to embark English

搭伙 Traditional 搭伙 Simplified
da1 huo3 Pinyin
to join up with sb English to become partner English to take meals regularly in cafeteria English

搭伴 Traditional 搭伴 Simplified
da1 ban4 Pinyin
travel with another English accompany another English

搭便 Traditional 搭便 Simplified
da1 bian4 Pinyin
at one's convenience English in passing English

搭便車 Traditional 搭便车 Simplified
da1 bian4 che1 Pinyin
to hitch a ride English

搭咕 Traditional 搭咕 Simplified
da1 gu1 Pinyin
to connect English to discuss English

搭嘴 Traditional 搭嘴 Simplified
da1 zui3 Pinyin
to answer English

搭坐 Traditional 搭坐 Simplified
da1 zuo4 Pinyin
to travel by English to ride on English

搭幫 Traditional 搭帮 Simplified
da1 bang1 Pinyin
to travel together English thanks to English

搭把手 Traditional 搭把手 Simplified
da1 ba3 shou3 Pinyin
to help out English

搭拉 Traditional 搭拉 Simplified
da1 la5 Pinyin
耷拉|耷拉[da1 la5] Variant

搭接 Traditional 搭接 Simplified
da1 jie1 Pinyin
to join English to connect up English

搭接片 Traditional 搭接片 Simplified
da1 jie1 pian4 Pinyin
buckle English connector English overlapping joint English

搭救 Traditional 搭救 Simplified
da1 jiu4 Pinyin
rescue English

搭檔 Traditional 搭档 Simplified
da1 dang4 Pinyin
to cooperate English partner English

搭理 Traditional 搭理 Simplified
da1 li3 Pinyin
答理|答理[da1 li3] Variant

搭界 Traditional 搭界 Simplified
da1 jie4 Pinyin
an interface English to relate with English to affiliate English

搭白 Traditional 搭白 Simplified
da1 bai2 Pinyin
to answer English

搭縫 Traditional 搭缝 Simplified
da1 feng4 Pinyin
overlaid seam English

搭背 Traditional 搭背 Simplified
da1 bei4 Pinyin
harness pad (on draught animal) English

搭腔 Traditional 搭腔 Simplified
da1 qiang1 Pinyin
to answer English to respond English to converse English

搭腰 Traditional 搭腰 Simplified
da1 yao1 Pinyin
harness pad (on draught animal) English

搭膊 Traditional 搭膊 Simplified
da1 bo2 Pinyin
shoulder bag English

搭茬 Traditional 搭茬 Simplified
da1 cha2 Pinyin
to respond English

搭茬兒 Traditional 搭茬儿 Simplified
da1 cha2 r5 Pinyin
erhua variant of 搭茬, to respond English

搭街坊 Traditional 搭街坊 Simplified
da1 jie1 fang5 Pinyin
to become neighbors English

搭補 Traditional 搭补 Simplified
da1 bu3 Pinyin
to subsidize English to make up (deficit) English

搭褳 Traditional 搭裢 Simplified
da1 lian5 Pinyin
褡褳|褡裢[da1 lian5] Variant

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