Character (non-classical form) Definition
DE2 Pinyin daak1 zaam3 zak6 Jyutping

Character a tree, a hammer, to beat with a hammer Definition
DE2 Pinyin daak1 Jyutping

DE2 DE1 DAI1 Pinyin TOKU On

Character obtain, get, gain, acquire Definition
DE2 DE5 DEI3 Pinyin dak1 Jyutping TOKU On ERU URU Kun Hangul TUK Korean *dək Tang đắc Viet

Character virtue; ethics Definition
DE2 DUO2 Pinyin TOKU On OSHIE Kun TEK Korean
U+5FB7 Variant

Character ethics, morality, virtue Definition
DE2 Pinyin dak1 Jyutping TOKU On OSHIE Kun Hangul TEK Korean dək Tang đức Viet
U+60EA Variant

DE2 Pinyin

Character ethics Definition
DE2 Pinyin TOKU On TOKU OSHIE Kun TEK Korean
U+5FB7 Variant

DE2 Pinyin dak1 Jyutping

Character technetium Definition
DE2 Pinyin
U+951D Simplified

Character technetium Definition
DE2 Pinyin
U+9340 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
de2 Pinyin
|[de2] Variant
to obtain English component in |[ai4] and |[de2] English

Traditional Simplified
de2 Pinyin
, ethics Variant

Traditional Simplified
de2 Pinyin
to obtain English to get English to gain English to catch (a disease) English proper English suitable English proud English contented English to allow English to permit English ready English finished English

得不到 Traditional 得不到 Simplified
de2 bu4 dao4 Pinyin
cannot get English cannot obtain English

得中 Traditional 得中 Simplified
de2 zhong4 Pinyin
to succeed in an imperial examination English successful English to hit the target English to win (the lottery) English suitable English proper English just right English

得主 Traditional 得主 Simplified
de2 zhu3 Pinyin
the recipient (of a prize) English

得了 Traditional 得了 Simplified
de2 le5 Pinyin
to be finished English to be ready English all right! English that's enough! English

得以 Traditional 得以 Simplified
de2 yi3 Pinyin
able to English so that sb can English enabling English in order to English finally in a position to English with sth in view English

得來速 Traditional 得来速 Simplified
de2 lai2 su4 Pinyin
drive-thru English

得克薩斯 Traditional 得克萨斯 Simplified
De2 ke4 sa4 si1 Pinyin
Texas, US state English

得出 Traditional 得出 Simplified
de2 chu1 Pinyin
to obtain (results) English to arrive at (a conclusion) English

得分 Traditional 得分 Simplified
de2 fen1 Pinyin
to score English

得到 Traditional 得到 Simplified
de2 dao4 Pinyin
to get English to obtain English to receive English

得力 Traditional 得力 Simplified
de2 li4 Pinyin
able English capable English competent English efficient English

得勝 Traditional 得胜 Simplified
de2 sheng4 Pinyin
to triumph over an opponent English

得勢 Traditional 得势 Simplified
de2 shi4 Pinyin
to win power English to get authority English to become dominant English

得名 Traditional 得名 Simplified
de2 ming2 Pinyin
to get one's name English named (after sth) English

得失 Traditional 得失 Simplified
de2 shi1 Pinyin
gains and losses English

得宜 Traditional 得宜 Simplified
de2 yi2 Pinyin
proper English appropriate English suitable English

得悉 Traditional 得悉 Simplified
de2 xi1 Pinyin
to learn about English to be informed English

得意 Traditional 得意 Simplified
de2 yi4 Pinyin
proud of oneself English pleased with oneself English complacent English

得意忘形 Traditional 得意忘形 Simplified
de2 yi4 wang4 xing2 Pinyin
happy English lost in exhilaration English

得手 Traditional 得手 Simplified
de2 shou3 Pinyin
to go smoothly English to come off English to succeed English

得救 Traditional 得救 Simplified
de2 jiu4 Pinyin
obtain salvation English

得文 Traditional 得文 Simplified
De2 wen2 Pinyin
Devon (county of southwest England) English

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