qin2 Reading Pinyin キン Reading On ゴン Reading On つと.める Reading Kun -づと. Reading Kun つと.まる Reading Kun いそ.しむ Reading Kun geun Reading Korean Reading Korean
diligence Meaning become employed Meaning serve Meaning assiduité Meaning fr application Meaning fr travailler Meaning fr être employé Meaning fr tarea Meaning es trabajo Meaning es deber Meaning es servicio diario Meaning es servir Meaning es desempeñar un cargo Meaning es ser adecuado para Meaning es diligência Meaning pt tornar-se empregado Meaning pt servir Meaning pt

xi4 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On かか. Reading Kun かかり Reading Kun -がかり Reading Kun かか.わる Reading Kun gye Reading Korean Reading Korean
person in charge Meaning connection Meaning duty Meaning concern oneself Meaning chargé de Meaning fr liaison Meaning fr devoir Meaning fr s'occuper de Meaning fr cargo Meaning es deber Meaning es concernir Meaning es afectar Meaning es pessoa em carga Meaning pt conexão Meaning pt dever Meaning pt interessa a si próprio Meaning pt

xiao4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On キョウ Reading On たか Nanori たかし Nanori のり Nanori よし Nanori hyo Reading Korean Reading Korean
filial piety Meaning child's respect Meaning piété filiale Meaning fr respect des anciens Meaning fr devoción filial Meaning es deber filial Meaning es piedade filial Meaning pt respeito pelas crianças Meaning pt

ren4 Reading Pinyin ren2 Reading Pinyin ニン Reading On まか.せる Reading Kun まか. Reading Kun Nanori とう Nanori ひで Nanori im Reading Korean Reading Korean
responsibility Meaning duty Meaning term Meaning entrust to Meaning appoint Meaning responsabilité Meaning fr devoir Meaning fr terme Meaning fr confier à Meaning fr nommer Meaning fr responsabilidad Meaning es deber Meaning es confiar a Meaning es dejar a cargo de Meaning es responsabilidade Meaning pt dever Meaning pt termo Meaning pt confiar para Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt

fu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ける Reading Kun .かす Reading Kun . Reading Kun bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
defeat Meaning negative Meaning - Meaning minus Meaning bear Meaning owe Meaning assume a responsibility Meaning défaite Meaning fr perdre Meaning fr moins Meaning fr négatif Meaning fr assumer Meaning fr porter sur le dos Meaning fr devoir à quelqu'un Meaning fr faire un rabais Meaning fr llevar Meaning es tomar a su cargo Meaning es deber Meaning es ser derrotado Meaning es llevarse la victoria Meaning es derrotar Meaning pt negativa Meaning pt menos Meaning pt carregar Meaning pt dever a Meaning pt assumir uma responsabilidade Meaning pt

wu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On つと.める Reading Kun つかさ Nanori Nanori mu Reading Korean Reading Korean
task Meaning duties Meaning tâche Meaning fr devoir Meaning fr travail Meaning fr tarea Meaning es obligaciones Meaning es deber Meaning es cargo Meaning es servir Meaning es desempeñar un cargo Meaning es tarefa Meaning pt deveres Meaning pt

yi4 Reading Pinyin ヤク Reading On エキ Reading On ちゃく Nanori yeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
duty Meaning war Meaning campaign Meaning drafted labor Meaning office Meaning service Meaning role Meaning rôle Meaning fr fonctions Meaning fr guerre Meaning fr campagne Meaning fr corvée Meaning fr poste Meaning fr service Meaning fr oficio Meaning es deber Meaning es servicio Meaning es papel Meaning es (guerra) Meaning es dever Meaning pt guerra Meaning pt campanha Meaning pt esboço Meaning pt escritório Meaning pt serviço Meaning pt papel Meaning pt

lun2 Reading Pinyin リン Reading On とも Nanori のり Nanori ひとし Nanori ひろ Nanori みち Nanori ryun Reading Korean Reading Korean
ethics Meaning companion Meaning éthique Meaning fr camarade Meaning fr ética Meaning es principios Meaning es deber Meaning es reglas Meaning es ética Meaning pt companheiro Meaning pt

デベリアン Reading Devellian Romaji

デベロ Reading DeBello Romaji

デベロー Reading Devereux Romaji

デベロッパー Reading
developer Translation eng Entwickler Translation ger {Fotog.} Entwicklungsbad. Translation ger

デベロッパーニセン Reading
Developer2000 Translation eng

デベロップメント Reading
development Translation eng

デベルセオ Reading De Berceo Romaji

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