pi3 Reading Pinyin pi4 Reading Pinyin ヘキ Reading On くせ Reading Kun くせ. Reading Kun byeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
mannerism Meaning habit Meaning vice Meaning trait Meaning fault Meaning kink Meaning manie Meaning fr mauvaise habitude Meaning fr vice Meaning fr trait (caractère) Meaning fr défaut Meaning fr frisé Meaning fr costumbre Meaning es hábito Meaning es debilidad Meaning es vicio Meaning es manía Meaning es maneirismo Meaning pt hábito Meaning pt vício Meaning pt traço Meaning pt falta Meaning pt entortar Meaning pt

lie4 Reading Pinyin レツ Reading On おと. Reading Kun ryeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
inferiority Meaning be inferior to Meaning be worse Meaning infériorité Meaning fr inférieur à Meaning fr être moins bon que Meaning fr debilidad Meaning es inferioridad Meaning es mala calidad Meaning es ser inferior Meaning es ser peor Meaning es inferioridade Meaning pt está inferiorizado Meaning pt piorar Meaning pt

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