Character dense growth of grass Definition

Character dense Definition

叢生 Word
そうせい Reading
dense growth Translation eng healthy growth Translation eng

濃い Word
こい Reading
deep (colour) Translation eng dark Translation eng strong (flavour, smell, etc.) Translation eng thick (consistency) Translation eng dense Translation eng strong (possibility, etc.) Translation eng thick (i.e. "as thick as thieves") Translation eng close Translation eng deep (love, etc.) Translation eng dunkel Translation ger (Farbe) Translation ger stark Translation ger (z.B. Kaffee) Translation ger dicht Translation ger (Nebel) Translation ger dick Translation ger eng Translation ger innig Translation ger vertraut Translation ger nah Translation ger intim Translation ger épais Translation fre dense Translation fre fort Translation fre

濃霧 Word
のうむ Reading
heavy fog Translation eng dense fog Translation eng thick fog Translation eng dichter Nebel Translation ger brouillard épais Translation fre

密集 Word
みっしゅう Reading
crowd Translation eng close formation Translation eng dense Translation eng dichte Sammlung Translation ger dichte Besiedlung Translation ger dichte Formation Translation ger être proche Translation fre serré Translation fre

欝蒼 Word 鬱蒼 Word
うっそう Reading
thick Translation eng dense Translation eng luxuriant Translation eng

綢密 Word 稠密 Word
ちゅうみつ Reading ちょうみつ Reading
dense Translation eng populous Translation eng crowded Translation eng thick Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Dichte Translation ger

濛々 Word 濛濛 Word 朦朦 Word 朦々 Word
もうもう Reading
dense (e.g. fog, dust, etc.) Translation eng thick Translation eng vague (as in being unable to think clearly) Translation eng dim Translation eng

密林 Word
みつりん Reading
close thicket Translation eng dense forest Translation eng jungle Translation eng dichter Wald Translation ger Dschungel Translation ger

密雲 Word
みつうん Reading
dense clouds Translation eng overcast Translation eng {Meteor.} dichte Wolken Translation ger dicke Wolken Translation ger

鬱然 Word
うつぜん Reading
dense (vegetation) Translation eng thick Translation eng prominent Translation eng popular Translation eng gloomy (mood) Translation eng Üppigkeit Translation ger Deprimiertheit Translation ger

重灰 Word
じゅうかい Reading
dense ash Translation eng

迷霧 Word
めいむ Reading
dense fog Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
mi4 Pinyin
secret English confidential English close English thick English dense English

密密 Traditional 密密 Simplified
mi4 mi4 Pinyin
thick English dense English close English

密密匝匝 Traditional 密密匝匝 Simplified
mi4 mi5 za1 za1 Pinyin
thick English concentrated English dense English

密密麻麻 Traditional 密密麻麻 Simplified
mi4 mi5 ma2 ma2 Pinyin
close and numerous English densely packed English thickly dotted English thick English dense English

密實 Traditional 密实 Simplified
mi4 shi2 Pinyin
close (texture) English dense English densely woven English

密緻 Traditional 密致 Simplified
mi4 zhi4 Pinyin
dense English close spaced English

密麻麻 Traditional 密麻麻 Simplified
mi4 ma2 ma2 Pinyin
dense English many and crowded English

森森 Traditional 森森 Simplified
sen1 sen1 Pinyin
dense (of trees) English thick English ghastly English eerie English

榛藪 Traditional 榛薮 Simplified
zhen1 sou3 Pinyin
dense wood English

深密 Traditional 深密 Simplified
shen1 mi4 Pinyin
dense English thick English

Traditional Simplified
nong2 Pinyin
concentrated English dense English

濃厚 Traditional 浓厚 Simplified
nong2 hou4 Pinyin
dense English thick (fog, clouds etc) English to have a strong interest in English deep English fully saturated (color) English

濃稠 Traditional 浓稠 Simplified
nong2 chou2 Pinyin
thick English dense and creamy English

濃郁 Traditional 浓郁 Simplified
nong2 yu4 Pinyin
rich English strong English heavy (fragrance) English dense English full-bodied English intense English

濃重 Traditional 浓重 Simplified
nong2 zhong4 Pinyin
dense English

濃鬱 Traditional 浓郁 Simplified
nong2 yu4 Pinyin
dense (e.g. forest) English rich (color, fragrance, atmosphere) English

Traditional Simplified
chou2 Pinyin
dense English crowded English thick English many English

稠密 Traditional 稠密 Simplified
chou2 mi4 Pinyin
dense English

Traditional Simplified
su4 Pinyin
dense vegetation English sieve English

縝匝 Traditional 缜匝 Simplified
zhen3 za1 Pinyin
dense English fine (texture) English

茂密 Traditional 茂密 Simplified
mao4 mi4 Pinyin
dense (of plant growth) English lush English

Traditional Simplified
cui4 Pinyin
collect English collection English dense English grassy English thick English assemble English gather English

Traditional Simplified
bao3 Pinyin
dense foliage English to cover English

蒙蘢 Traditional 蒙茏 Simplified
meng2 long2 Pinyin
dense (of foliage) English

迷霧 Traditional 迷雾 Simplified
mi2 wu4 Pinyin
dense fog English fig. completely misleading English

Traditional Simplified
yu4 Pinyin
dense (growth) English melancholy English

黑森森 Traditional 黑森森 Simplified
hei1 sen1 sen1 Pinyin
dark and gloomy forest English dismal and frightening English dense and dark English

yu4 Reading Pinyin wei4 Reading Pinyin ウツ Reading On Reading On うち Reading Kun おとこよもぎ Reading Kun ul Reading Korean wi Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
dense growth Meaning

zhan4 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On チン Reading On ジン Reading On セン Reading On しず. Reading Kun たた.える Reading Kun かん Nanori きよ Nanori たたう Nanori たたえ Nanori やす Nanori dam Reading Korean chim Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
fill Meaning wear (a smile) Meaning clear Meaning pure Meaning dense Meaning deep Meaning

po4 Reading Pinyin ハク Reading On baeg Reading Korean Reading Korean
dense mountain vegetation Meaning

bao3 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On Reading On .げる Reading Kun bo Reading Korean Reading Korean
dense growth Meaning keep Meaning adhere to Meaning conceal Meaning

zhen1 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On jin Reading Korean Reading Korean
dense growth Meaning thicket Meaning

jie4 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On さんらん.する Reading Kun
dense Meaning

nong2 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On ニュ Reading On ドウ Reading On ニョウ Reading On nong Reading Korean
strong wine Meaning dense Meaning thick Meaning

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