さく Reading
last (year) Translation eng yesterday Translation eng dernière (année) Translation fre hier (soir) Translation fre

終盤戦 Word
しゅうばんせん Reading
end of campaign Translation eng {Go, Shôgi} Endspiel Translation ger Endphase Translation ger dernière phase Translation fre phase ultime Translation fre

臨終 Word
りんじゅう Reading
deathbed Translation eng dying hour Translation eng one's death Translation eng Todesstunde Translation ger agoniser Translation fre dernière heure Translation fre lit de mort Translation fre

末期 Word 末季 Word
まっき Reading
closing years (period, days) Translation eng last stage Translation eng end stage Translation eng end-of-life (care, decision making, etc.) Translation eng terminal (e.g. cancer, disease, etc.) Translation eng final Translation eng Ende Translation ger letzte Stufe Translation ger letzte Periode Translation ger Ende Translation ger Ausgang Translation ger Schluss Translation ger Schlusszeit Translation ger dernière phase Translation fre dernières années (période, jours) Translation fre dernier stade Translation fre fin Translation fre

近頃 Word 近ごろ Word
ちかごろ Reading
lately Translation eng recently Translation eng nowadays Translation eng in letzter Zeit Translation ger neuerdings Translation ger heutzutage Translation ger heute Translation ger vor kurzem Translation ger ces derniers temps Translation fre dernièrement Translation fre

最期 Word
さいご Reading
one's last moment Translation eng one's time of death Translation eng Lebensende Translation ger Tod Translation ger dernières heures avant de mourir Translation fre

晩年 Word
ばんねん Reading
(one's) last years Translation eng Lebensabend Translation ger hohes Alter Translation ger späte Lebensjahre Translation ger dernières années (d'une personne) Translation fre soir de la vie Translation fre

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