おつ Reading
second (party to an agreement) Translation eng the B party (e.g. in a contract) Translation eng the latter Translation eng strange Translation eng quaint Translation eng stylish Translation eng chic Translation eng spicy Translation eng queer Translation eng witty Translation eng tasty Translation eng romantic Translation eng thank you Translation eng goodbye Translation eng goodnight Translation eng zweiter Translation ger (in einer Serie) Translation ger B-Qualität Translation ger gut Translation ger deuxième signe du zodiaque chinois Translation fre deuxiéme dans l'ordre Translation fre étrange Translation fre chic Translation fre piquant Translation fre romantique Translation fre spirituel Translation fre
御疲れ様 Crossref

兼任 Word
けんにん Reading
concurrent post Translation eng Doppelfunktion Translation ger Bekleidung zweier Ämter Translation ger deuxième emploi (travail) Translation fre travail simultané Translation fre

後半 Word
こうはん Reading
second half Translation eng latter half Translation eng zweite Hälfte Translation ger letzte Hälfte Translation ger deuxième moitié Translation fre

再度 Word
さいど Reading
twice Translation eng again Translation eng second time Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger das zweite Mal Translation ger zweimal Translation ger wiederum Translation ger abermals Translation ger nochmals Translation ger noch einmal Translation ger wiederholt Translation ger deux fois Translation fre deuxième fois Translation fre encore Translation fre

次女 Word
じじょ Reading
second daughter Translation eng zweite Tochter Translation ger deuxième fille Translation fre

次男 Word 二男 Word
じなん Reading
second son Translation eng zweitälteste Sohn Translation ger deuxième fils Translation fre

中古 Word
ちゅうこ Reading ちゅうぶる Reading
used Translation eng second-hand Translation eng old Translation eng Middle Ages Translation eng Mittelalter Translation ger alt Translation ger gebraucht Translation ger aus zweiter Hand Translation ger Moyen-Âge Translation fre deuxième main Translation fre occasion Translation fre (1) бывший в употреблении Translation rus (2) средневековье Translation rus

中旬 Word
ちゅうじゅん Reading
middle of a month Translation eng second third of a month Translation eng Mitte des Monats Translation ger zweites Drittel eines Monats Translation ger deuxième période de dix jours dans un mois Translation fre milieu d'un mois Translation fre втора́я дека́да Translation rus

二世 Word
にせい Reading
second generation Translation eng foreigner of Japanese parentage Translation eng junior Translation eng two existences Translation eng the present and the future Translation eng the second (king of the same name) Translation eng Nisei Translation ger (japanischstämmiger Amerikaner der zweiten Generation) Translation ger der Zweite Translation ger II Translation ger zweite Generation Translation ger Junior Translation ger deuxième génération/cadet/deuxième du nom/étranger de lignée japonaise Translation fre два поколе́ния Translation rus второ́е поколе́ние Translation rus второ́й (в именах) Translation rus

二日 Word 2日 Word
ふつか Reading
second day of the month Translation eng two days Translation eng zweiter Translation ger (Tag eines Monats) Translation ger zweite Tag eines Monats Translation ger zwei Tage Translation ger deuxième jour du mois Translation fre два дня Translation rus второе (число месяца) Translation rus

二番目 Word
にばんめ Reading
second (in a series) Translation eng zweite Translation ger Nr. 2 Translation ger deuxième/second Translation fre

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