qin2 Reading Pinyin キン Reading On ゴン Reading On つと.める Reading Kun -づと. Reading Kun つと.まる Reading Kun いそ.しむ Reading Kun geun Reading Korean Reading Korean
diligence Meaning become employed Meaning serve Meaning assiduité Meaning fr application Meaning fr travailler Meaning fr être employé Meaning fr tarea Meaning es trabajo Meaning es deber Meaning es servicio diario Meaning es servir Meaning es desempeñar un cargo Meaning es ser adecuado para Meaning es diligência Meaning pt tornar-se empregado Meaning pt servir Meaning pt

li4 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On はげ. Reading Kun はげ.ます Reading Kun ryeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
encourage Meaning be diligent Meaning inspire Meaning encourager Meaning fr être appliqué Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr aliento Meaning es estímulo Meaning es esfuerzo Meaning es diligencia Meaning es alentar Meaning es estimular Meaning es esforzarse Meaning es ser diligente Meaning es encorajar Meaning pt estar diligente Meaning pt inspirar Meaning pt

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