Traditional Simplified
cuo4 Pinyin
bury English to place English dispose English

ba1 Reading Pinyin ハツ Reading On ハチ Reading On ベツ Reading On さば. Reading Kun さば.ける Reading Kun . Reading Kun pal Reading Korean Reading Korean
handle Meaning deal with Meaning dispose of Meaning sell Meaning be in demand Meaning be worldly Meaning be frank Meaning be sensible Meaning be sociable Meaning drainage Meaning sale Meaning demand for Meaning eight Meaning

chu3 Reading Pinyin chu4 Reading Pinyin ショ Reading On ところ Reading Kun -こ Reading Kun . Reading Kun cheo Reading Korean Reading Korean
dispose Meaning manage Meaning deal with Meaning sentence Meaning condemn Meaning act Meaning behave Meaning place Meaning traiter Meaning fr se débarrasser Meaning fr sentence Meaning fr condamner Meaning fr agir Meaning fr se comporter Meaning fr vierge Meaning fr lieu Meaning fr lugar Meaning es deshacerse de Meaning es ingeniárselas Meaning es arreglárselas Meaning es tratar Meaning es dispor Meaning pt administrar Meaning pt lidar com Meaning pt semtença Meaning pt condenar Meaning pt ato Meaning pt proceder Meaning pt

fu2 Reading Pinyin bi4 Reading Pinyin フツ Reading On ヒツ Reading On ホツ Reading On はら. Reading Kun -はら. Reading Kun -ばら. Reading Kun はらい Nanori bul Reading Korean pil Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
pay Meaning clear out Meaning prune Meaning banish Meaning dispose of Meaning payer Meaning fr nettoyer Meaning fr tailler Meaning fr bannir Meaning fr se débarrasser de Meaning fr pagar Meaning es saldar Meaning es liquidar Meaning es tributar Meaning es pagamento Meaning pt limpar Meaning pt podar Meaning pt bamir Meaning pt livra-se de Meaning pt

bian4 Reading Pinyin ベン Reading On ヘン Reading On わきま.える Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun はなびら Reading Kun あらそ. Reading Kun Nanori byeon Reading Korean ban Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
valve Meaning petal Meaning braid Meaning speech Meaning dialect Meaning discrimination Meaning dispose of Meaning distinguish Meaning éloquence Meaning fr valve Meaning fr pétale Meaning fr tresse Meaning fr dialecte Meaning fr discernement Meaning fr résoudre Meaning fr distinguer Meaning fr discurso Meaning es dialecto Meaning es distinguir Meaning es identificar Meaning es reembolsar Meaning es pétalo Meaning es válvula Meaning pt petala Meaning pt trança Meaning pt discurso Meaning pt dialeto Meaning pt discriminação Meaning pt livrar-se de Meaning pt distinguir Meaning pt

bian4 Reading Pinyin ベン Reading On ヘン Reading On わきま.える Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun はなびら Reading Kun あらそ. Reading Kun byeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
discrimination Meaning dispose of Meaning distinguish Meaning

ディスポーザー Reading
disposer Translation eng Abfallvernichter Translation ger Müllwolf Translation ger

裂く Word 割く Word
さく Reading
to tear Translation eng to rip up Translation eng to cut up Translation eng to cleave Translation eng to cut open (esp. the abdomen) Translation eng to forcibly separate (i.e. two lovers) Translation eng to spare (time, money, etc.) Translation eng to use part of something Translation eng to have a tattoo in the corner of one's eye Translation eng zerreißen Translation ger spalten Translation ger zerspalten Translation ger entzweien Translation ger aussparen Translation ger sparen Translation ger brouiller Translation fre déchirer Translation fre découper Translation fre disposer (temps) Translation fre diviser Translation fre fendre Translation fre lacérer Translation fre rompre Translation fre
黥く Crossref

計らう Word
はからう Reading
to manage Translation eng to arrange Translation eng to talk over Translation eng to dispose of Translation eng vorbereiten Translation ger verfahren Translation ger sorgen Translation ger verfügen Translation ger vorgehen Translation ger behandeln Translation ger überlegen Translation ger bedenken Translation ger sich unterhalten Translation ger arranger Translation fre diriger Translation fre discuter Translation fre disposer de Translation fre

配列 Word 排列 Word
はいれつ Reading
arrangement Translation eng disposition Translation eng array (programming, programing) Translation eng Anordnung Translation ger Ordnung Translation ger Aufstellung Translation ger Disposition Translation ger {EDV} Array Translation ger Datenfeld Translation ger arrangement Translation fre arranger Translation fre disposer Translation fre disposition Translation fre ranger Translation fre

生ける Word 活ける Word
いける Reading
to arrange (flowers) Translation eng to plant Translation eng living Translation eng live Translation eng (schriftspr.) Blumen stecken Translation ger Blumen arrangieren Translation ger am leben halten Translation ger lebendig sein Translation ger lebend sein Translation ger leibhaftig sein Translation ger wirklich sein Translation ger disposer (fleurs) Translation fre

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