yi4 Reading Pinyin イツ Reading On .れる Reading Kun .らす Reading Kun はぐ.れる Reading Kun いっ Nanori はや Nanori へん Nanori il Reading Korean Reading Korean
deviate Meaning idleness Meaning leisure Meaning miss the mark Meaning evade Meaning elude Meaning parry Meaning diverge Meaning dévier Meaning fr oisiveté Meaning fr loisirs Meaning fr rater Meaning fr s'évader Meaning fr échapper à Meaning fr s'écarter Meaning fr parer Meaning fr diverger Meaning fr desviar Meaning es eludir Meaning es dejar pasar Meaning es excepcional Meaning es excelente Meaning es desocupación Meaning es ociosidad Meaning es desviar-se Meaning pt indolência Meaning pt lazer Meaning pt perder o ponto Meaning pt escapar Meaning pt evitar Meaning pt desviar um golpe Meaning pt divergir Meaning pt

bie2 Reading Pinyin ベツ Reading On わか.れる Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun べっ Nanori byeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
separate Meaning branch off Meaning diverge Meaning fork Meaning another Meaning extra Meaning specially Meaning séparer Meaning fr spécialement Meaning fr diverger Meaning fr extra Meaning fr un autre Meaning fr separar Meaning es aparte Meaning es distinto Meaning es dividirse Meaning es separar Meaning pt ramo desligado Meaning pt divergir Meaning pt garfo Meaning pt outro Meaning pt extra Meaning pt especialmente Meaning pt

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