きょう Reading けい Reading
imperial capital (esp. Kyoto) Translation eng final word of an iroha-uta Translation eng 10^16 Translation eng 10,000,000,000,000,000 Translation eng ten quadrillion (American) Translation eng (obs) ten thousand billion (British) Translation eng eintausend Billionen Translation ger 10E16 Translation ger 10 puissance 16 Translation fre dix millions de milliards Translation fre
以呂波歌 Crossref

十日 Word 10日 Word
とおか Reading
the tenth day of the month Translation eng ten days Translation eng zehnter Translation ger (Tag eines Monats) Translation ger zehn Tage Translation ger dix jours Translation fre le dix (du mois) Translation fre десять дней Translation rus десятое (число месяца) Translation rus

両手 Word 諸手 Word 双手 Word
りょうて Reading もろて Reading そうしゅ Reading
(with) both hands Translation eng approvingly Translation eng beide Hände Translation ger approbation Translation fre dix Translation fre (dans) chaque main Translation fre les deux mains Translation fre

じゅう Reading Reading とお Reading
10 Translation eng ten Translation eng zehn Translation ger dix (10) Translation fre десять Translation rus

Word Word
まん Reading よろず Reading
10,000 Translation eng ten thousand Translation eng myriads Translation eng everything Translation eng all Translation eng zehntausend Translation ger Myriade Translation ger 10.000 Translation fre dix mille Translation fre innombrables Translation fre tout Translation fre 10,000 Translation rus десять тысяч Translation rus

ディーアイエックス Reading
DIX Translation eng

ディックス Reading Dicks Romaji Dix Romaji

shi2 Reading Pinyin ジュウ Reading On ジッ Reading On ジュッ Reading On とお Reading Kun Reading Kun Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori そう Nanori Nanori とう Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori Nanori sib Reading Korean Reading Korean
ten Meaning dix Meaning fr diez Meaning es 10 Meaning es dez Meaning pt

低息 Traditional 低息 Simplified
di1 xi1 Pinyin
low-interest English

底細 Traditional 底细 Simplified
di3 xi4 Pinyin
inside information English the ins and out of the matter English how things stand English what's up English

弟媳 Traditional 弟媳 Simplified
di4 xi2 Pinyin
younger brother's wife English sister-in-law English

迪西 Traditional 迪西 Simplified
di2 xi1 Pinyin
Dipsy (ein Teletubby) (u.E.) (Eig) Deutsch

低下 Traditional 低下 Simplified
di1 xia4 Pinyin
low status English lowly English to lower (one's head) English

地下 Traditional 地下 Simplified
di4 xia4 Pinyin
underground English subterranean English covert English

底下 Traditional 底下 Simplified
di3 xia5 Pinyin
the location below sth English afterwards English

滌瑕 Traditional 涤瑕 Simplified
di2 xia2 Pinyin
to cleanse away a stain English

滴下 Traditional 滴下 Simplified
di1 xia4 Pinyin
drip English

滴下 Traditional 滴下 Simplified
di1 xia4 Pinyin
sickern, träufeln (u.E.) Deutsch durchsickern (u.E.) (V) Deutsch tröpfeln (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

地下根 Traditional 地下根 Simplified
di4 xia4 gen1 Pinyin
Rhizom (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

地下街 Traditional 地下街 Simplified
di4 xia4 jie1 Pinyin
Untergrundstadt (u.E.) Deutsch

地下墓室 Traditional 地下墓室 Simplified
di4 xia4 mu4 shi4 Pinyin
Krypta (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

地下墓穴 Traditional 地下墓穴 Simplified
di4 xia4 mu4 xue2 Pinyin
Katakombe (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

低陷 Traditional 低陷 Simplified
di1 xian4 Pinyin
to sink English to settle English

地線 Traditional 地线 Simplified
di4 xian4 Pinyin
earth (wire) English ground English

底線 Traditional 底线 Simplified
di3 xian4 Pinyin
to underline English base line (in sports) English fig. the legal limits English a spy (in enemy territory) English

底限 Traditional 底限 Simplified
di4 xian4 Pinyin
minimum English

低限 Traditional 低限 Simplified
di1 xian4 Pinyin
Limes inferior (u.E.) (S, Math) Deutsch

底箱 Traditional 底箱 Simplified
di3 xiang1 Pinyin
Unterkaste (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

抵消 Traditional 抵消 Simplified
di3 xiao1 Pinyin
offset English counteract English cancel out English

低效 Traditional 低效 Simplified
di1 xiao4 Pinyin
ineffektiv (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

地下室 Traditional 地下室 Simplified
di4 xia4 shi4 Pinyin
basement English cellar English

地下室 Traditional 地下室 Simplified
di4 xia4 shi4 Pinyin
Keller (u.E.) Deutsch

地下水 Traditional 地下水 Simplified
di4 xia4 shui3 Pinyin
groundwater English

地下水 Traditional 地下水 Simplified
di4 xia4 shui3 Pinyin
Grundwasser Deutsch

地下鐵 Traditional 地下铁 Simplified
di4 xia4 tie3 Pinyin
U-Bahn, Metro (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

地下鐵路 Traditional 地下铁路 Simplified
di4 xia4 tie3 lu4 Pinyin
subway English

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