Character wooden rammer or pestle; place Definition
ZUI4 Pinyin zeoi3 Jyutping SUI SAI ZUI On TSUKU Kun
U+69DC Variant
DOGS Cangjie Input Code

Character dogs fighting, to go to law; an indictment Definition
YAN2 Pinyin zin4 Jyutping nhằn Viet

犬馬 Word
けんば Reading
dogs and horses Translation eng one's humble self Translation eng Hund und Pferde Translation ger (bescheiden f.) Translation ger die eigenen Dienste Translation ger (Dienste, die man jmd. anderem wie ein Hund od. Pferd anbieten kann) Translation ger

犬猫 Word
いぬねこ Reading
dogs and cats Translation eng pets Translation eng

hong1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On ウン Reading On イン Reading On オン Reading On Reading On ほえ. Reading Kun
moo of a cow Meaning scream Meaning to yell Meaning dogs barking at each other Meaning

yan2 Reading Pinyin
dogs fighting Meaning to go to law Meaning an indictment Meaning

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