Character dropsical swelling; puffy bloated Definition
GU3 Pinyin gu2 Jyutping

青膨れ Word
あおぶくれ Reading
dropsical (blue-green) swelling Translation eng blaugrüne Schwellung Translation ger (f) Translation ger œdème Translation fre enflure bleu-vert Translation fre hydropisie Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
zhang4 Pinyin
dropsical English swollen English to swell English to be bloated English

Traditional Simplified
gu3 Pinyin
dropsical English swollen English

zhang4 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On .れる Reading Kun ふく.らむ Reading Kun ふく.れる Reading Kun
swelled belly Meaning dropsical Meaning to swell Meaning inflated Meaning

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