Character moving image; moving shadow, flowing water Definition
SHEN3 ZHE2 Pinyin naa4 saam2 zip3 zip6 Jyutping
EASE Cangjie Input Code

安楽 Word
あんらく Reading
ease Translation eng comfort Translation eng carefree Translation eng cosy Translation eng cozy Translation eng Behaglichkeit Translation ger Gemütlichkeit Translation ger Komfort Translation ger Annehmlichkeit Translation ger

安気 Word
あんき Reading
ease Translation eng comfort Translation eng feeling at home Translation eng sorglos Translation ger gelassen Translation ger

らく Reading
comfort Translation eng ease Translation eng Behaglichkeit Translation ger Bequemlichkeit Translation ger Erleichterung Translation ger Leichtigkeit Translation ger Mühelosigkeit Translation ger aise Translation fre confort Translation fre

寛ぎ Word
くつろぎ Reading
ease Translation eng relaxation Translation eng comfort Translation eng unwinding Translation eng

気軽 Word
きがる Reading
carefree Translation eng buoyant Translation eng lighthearted Translation eng sprightly Translation eng ease Translation eng leichtblütig Translation ger unbeschwert Translation ger sorglos Translation ger leichtlebig Translation ger leichtfüßig Translation ger enjoué Translation fre le cœur léger Translation fre

使いかって Word 使い勝手 Word
つかいかって Reading つかいがって Reading
ease of use Translation eng user-friendliness Translation eng usability Translation eng

読みやすさ Word
よみやすさ Reading
ease of reading Translation eng legibility Translation eng

放念 Word
ほうねん Reading
relaxation Translation eng ease Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Sorgenlosigkeit Translation ger Beruhigung Translation ger

整備性 Word
せいびせい Reading
serviceability Translation eng maintainability Translation eng ease of maintaining Translation eng

悠閒 Traditional 悠闲 Simplified
you1 xian2 Pinyin
ease English leisurely English

操縱自如 Traditional 操纵自如 Simplified
cao1 zong4 zi4 ru2 Pinyin
ease of operation English to control smoothly English

le4 Reading Pinyin yue4 Reading Pinyin ガク Reading On ラク Reading On ゴウ Reading On たの.しい Reading Kun たの.しむ Reading Kun この. Reading Kun Nanori Nanori やす Nanori Nanori ag Reading Korean Reading Korean
music Meaning comfort Meaning ease Meaning musique Meaning fr agréable Meaning fr confort Meaning fr música Meaning es divertido Meaning es fácil Meaning es agradable Meaning es disfrutar Meaning es divertirse Meaning es música Meaning pt conforto Meaning pt facilidade Meaning pt

huan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.やか Reading Kun ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.める Reading Kun ひろ Nanori wan Reading Korean Reading Korean
slacken Meaning loosen Meaning relax Meaning lessen Meaning be moderate Meaning ease Meaning relâcher Meaning fr abaisser Meaning fr décompresser Meaning fr lâche (noeud) Meaning fr modéré Meaning fr aise Meaning fr fácil Meaning es despacio Meaning es disminución Meaning es mitigado Meaning es aliviado Meaning es aflojar(se) Meaning es relajar(se) Meaning es disminuir Meaning es indulgente Meaning es afrouxar Meaning pt relaxar Meaning pt diminuir Meaning pt moderar Meaning pt facilitar Meaning pt

kang1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On かん Nanori Nanori みち Nanori やす Nanori やすし Nanori gang Reading Korean Reading Korean
ease Meaning peace Meaning tranquille Meaning fr paisible Meaning fr tranquilo Meaning es calmado Meaning es sano Meaning es facilidade Meaning pt paz Meaning pt

Traditional Simplified
wei3 Pinyin
easeful carriage of one's head English

イーゼル Reading
easel Translation eng {bild. Kunst} Staffelei Translation ger

画架 Word
がか Reading
easel Translation eng {bild. Kunst} Staffelei Translation ger

畫架 Traditional 画架 Simplified
hua4 jia4 Pinyin
easel English rack for painting English

地役権 Word
ちえきけん Reading
easement Translation eng Grunddienstbarkeit Translation ger Servitut Translation ger

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