くすり Reading
medicine Translation eng pharmaceuticals Translation eng (legal) drugs Translation eng efficacious chemical (i.e. gunpowder, pesticide, etc.) Translation eng (pottery) glaze Translation eng small bribe Translation eng Arznei Translation ger Medizin Translation ger Medikament Translation ger Heilmittel Translation ger Mittel Translation ger Pulver Translation ger Trank Translation ger Droge Translation ger Arzneimittel Translation ger Chemikalien Translation ger Glasur Translation ger Nutzen Translation ger Beitrag Translation ger Belehrung Translation ger médicament Translation fre лека́рство Translation rus
鼻薬 Crossref

管用 Traditional 管用 Simplified
guan3 yong4 Pinyin
efficacious English useful English

Traditional Simplified
ling2 Pinyin
quick English alert English efficacious English effective English spirit English departed soul English coffin English

靈驗 Traditional 灵验 Simplified
ling2 yan4 Pinyin
efficacious English effective English accurate English

ling2 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On リョウ Reading On
the spirit of a being Meaning which acts upon others spirit Meaning divine Meaning efficacious Meaning

Character efficacious, effectiveness; to toil, to serve in the army Definition
XIAO4 Pinyin haau6 Jyutping KOU On KIKU NARAU ITASU Kun HYO Korean hiệu Viet
U+6548 Variant

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