hui1 Reading Pinyin Reading On ふる. Reading Kun hwi Reading Korean Reading Korean
brandish Meaning wave Meaning wag Meaning swing Meaning shake Meaning brandir Meaning fr agiter Meaning fr remuer Meaning fr balancer Meaning fr secouer Meaning fr manejar Meaning es ejercer Meaning es exhibir Meaning es exponer Meaning es agitar Meaning pt onda Meaning pt sacudir Meaning pt balançar Meaning pt mexer Meaning pt

zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On いた. Reading Kun chi Reading Korean Reading Korean
doth Meaning do Meaning send Meaning forward Meaning cause Meaning exert Meaning incur Meaning engage Meaning faire Meaning fr causer Meaning fr provoquer Meaning fr commettre Meaning fr envoyer Meaning fr expédier Meaning fr encourir Meaning fr engager Meaning fr hacer llegar Meaning es invitar Meaning es causar Meaning es ejercer Meaning es hacer [humilde] Meaning es fazer Meaning pt enviar Meaning pt transmitir Meaning pt causar Meaning pt exercer Meaning pt incorrer Meaning pt empenhar Meaning pt

fen4 Reading Pinyin フン Reading On ふる. Reading Kun bun Reading Korean Reading Korean
stirred up Meaning be invigorated Meaning flourish Meaning excitation Meaning fr stimulation Meaning fr tonifié Meaning fr épanoui Meaning fr agitado Meaning es entusiasmado Meaning es exaltado Meaning es excitado Meaning es mostrar habilidad Meaning es ejercer poder Meaning es revigorar Meaning pt florescer Meaning pt

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