mao4 Reading Pinyin mo4 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On おか. Reading Kun mo Reading Korean mog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
risk Meaning face Meaning defy Meaning dare Meaning damage Meaning assume (a name) Meaning risque Meaning fr affronter Meaning fr braver Meaning fr défier Meaning fr dommage Meaning fr emprunter (un nom) Meaning fr riesgo Meaning es desafío Meaning es afrenta Meaning es comienzo Meaning es desafiar Meaning es atreverse Meaning es atacar Meaning es risco Meaning pt enfrentar Meaning pt desafiar Meaning pt ousar Meaning pt prejuízo Meaning pt assumir (um nome) Meaning pt

lin2 Reading Pinyin リン Reading On のぞ. Reading Kun Nanori rim Reading Korean Reading Korean
look to Meaning face Meaning meet Meaning confront Meaning attend Meaning call on Meaning faire face à Meaning fr rencontrer Meaning fr affronter Meaning fr assister à Meaning fr passer voir Meaning fr se rendre sur place Meaning fr exceptionnel Meaning fr asistir Meaning es encontrar Meaning es encarar Meaning es enfrentarse Meaning es confrontar Meaning es considerar Meaning pt enfrentar Meaning pt reunião Meaning pt confrontar Meaning pt coparecer Meaning pt invocar Meaning pt

kang4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On あらが. Reading Kun hang Reading Korean Reading Korean
confront Meaning resist Meaning defy Meaning oppose Meaning s'opposer à Meaning fr confrontation Meaning fr résister Meaning fr contester Meaning fr nier (évidence) Meaning fr anti- Meaning fr enfrentarse Meaning es resistir Meaning es desafiar Meaning es oponerse Meaning es confrontar Meaning pt resistir Meaning pt desafiar Meaning pt opor Meaning pt

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