yi3 Reading Pinyin オツ Reading On イツ Reading On おと- Reading Kun きのと Reading Kun eul Reading Korean Reading Korean
the latter Meaning duplicate Meaning strange Meaning witty Meaning fishhook radical (no. 5) Meaning radical hameçon (no. 5) Meaning fr chic Meaning fr signe du 2ème tronc céleste Meaning fr dernier Meaning fr second Meaning fr étrange Meaning fr segundo Meaning es duplicado Meaning es extraño Meaning es ingenioso Meaning es elegante Meaning es o último Meaning pt duplicar Meaning pt engenhoso Meaning pt estranho Meaning pt

qiao3 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On たく. Reading Kun たく. Reading Kun うま. Reading Kun かつ Nanori たくみ Nanori よし Nanori gyo Reading Korean Reading Korean
adroit Meaning skilled Meaning ingenuity Meaning adroit Meaning fr habile Meaning fr ingénieux Meaning fr habilidad Meaning es destreza Meaning es ingenio Meaning es diestro Meaning es hábil Meaning es ingenioso Meaning es hábil Meaning pt engenhoso Meaning pt

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