sui2 Reading Pinyin ズイ Reading On まにま. Reading Kun したが. Reading Kun su Reading Korean Reading Korean
follow Meaning though Meaning notwithstanding Meaning while Meaning during Meaning both Meaning all Meaning obey Meaning submit to Meaning comply Meaning at the mercy of (the waves) Meaning suivre Meaning fr quoique Meaning fr néanmoins Meaning fr pendant Meaning fr les deux Meaning fr tout Meaning fr obéir Meaning fr se soumettre à Meaning fr se conformer à Meaning fr à la merci (des vagues) Meaning fr seguir Meaning es acompañar Meaning es complacer Meaning es sin embargo Meaning es a pesar de todo Meaning es seguir Meaning pt embora Meaning pt não obstante Meaning pt enquanto Meaning pt durante Meaning pt ambos Meaning pt obedecer Meaning pt submeter-se Meaning pt concordar Meaning pt ao sabor (das ondas) Meaning pt

bang4 Reading Pinyin bang1 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On かたわ. Reading Kun わき Reading Kun おか- Reading Kun はた Reading Kun そば Reading Kun Nanori bang Reading Korean paeng Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
bystander Meaning side Meaning besides Meaning while Meaning nearby Meaning 3rd person Meaning observateur Meaning fr spectateur Meaning fr à côté Meaning fr en outre Meaning fr pendant que Meaning fr tout près Meaning fr les autres Meaning fr vecindad Meaning es cercanía Meaning es espectador Meaning pt além disso Meaning pt enquanto Meaning pt muito próximo Meaning pt pessoa Meaning pt

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