xi1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On キュウ Reading On あつか. Reading Kun あつか. Reading Kun あつか. Reading Kun . Reading Kun geub Reading Korean sab Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
handle Meaning entertain Meaning thresh Meaning strip Meaning manoeuvrer Meaning fr prendre en main Meaning fr battre Meaning fr arracher Meaning fr tratar Meaning es manejar Meaning es desempeñar Meaning es cabo Meaning pt entreter Meaning pt debulhar Meaning pt desnudar Meaning pt

xing1 Reading Pinyin xing4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On キョウ Reading On おこ. Reading Kun おこ. Reading Kun おき Nanori おこっ Nanori とも Nanori heung Reading Korean Reading Korean
entertain Meaning revive Meaning retrieve Meaning interest Meaning pleasure Meaning intérêt Meaning fr divertir Meaning fr ranimer Meaning fr rétablir (fortune) Meaning fr plaisir Meaning fr prospérer Meaning fr popularizarse Meaning es popularizar Meaning es interés Meaning es prosperar Meaning es poner en marcha Meaning es promover Meaning es entreter Meaning pt reviver Meaning pt recuperar Meaning pt interesse Meaning pt prazer Meaning pt

yu4 Reading Pinyin グウ Reading On . Reading Kun u Reading Korean Reading Korean
interview Meaning treat Meaning entertain Meaning receive Meaning deal with Meaning entrevue Meaning fr traiter Meaning fr rencontrer Meaning fr distraire Meaning fr recevoir Meaning fr tratar con Meaning es encuentro por casualidad Meaning es hospitalidad Meaning es entrevista Meaning pt convite Meaning pt entreter Meaning pt receber Meaning pt lidar com Meaning pt

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