wu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On あやま. Reading Kun -あやま. Reading Kun o Reading Korean Reading Korean
mistake Meaning err Meaning do wrong Meaning mislead Meaning erreur Meaning fr faute Meaning fr mal faire Meaning fr induire en erreur Meaning fr error Meaning es equivocarse Meaning es erro Meaning pt errar Meaning pt fazer errado Meaning pt enganar Meaning pt

cuo4 Reading Pinyin cu4 Reading Pinyin サク Reading On シャク Reading On chag Reading Korean jo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
confused Meaning mix Meaning be in disorder Meaning embrouillé Meaning fr confus Meaning fr complexe Meaning fr mélange Meaning fr confundirse Meaning es mezclarse Meaning es equivocarse Meaning es estar desordenado Meaning es confundir Meaning pt mistura Meaning pt está em desordem Meaning pt

e2 Reading Pinyin Reading On なま. Reading Kun なま. Reading Kun あやま. Reading Kun wa Reading Korean Reading Korean
accent Meaning dialect Meaning acento Meaning es disculparse Meaning es equivocarse Meaning es hablar con acento Meaning es

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