cheng2 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On ジョウ Reading On うけたまわ. Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun ささ.げる Reading Kun とど.める Reading Kun たす.ける Reading Kun .らす Reading Kun つい. Reading Kun すく. Reading Kun つぐ Nanori こと Nanori すけ Nanori つぎ Nanori よし Nanori seung Reading Korean Reading Korean
acquiesce Meaning hear Meaning listen to Meaning be informed Meaning receive Meaning consentir Meaning fr entendre Meaning fr écouter Meaning fr être informé Meaning fr recevoir Meaning fr conceder Meaning es heredar Meaning es escuchar Meaning es ser informado Meaning es aquiescer Meaning pt escutar Meaning pt ser informado Meaning pt receber Meaning pt

ting1 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On テイ Reading On . Reading Kun ゆる. Reading Kun きく Nanori cheong Reading Korean Reading Korean
listen Meaning headstrong Meaning naughty Meaning careful inquiry Meaning écouter Meaning fr têtu Meaning fr vilain Meaning fr sans même demander Meaning fr escuchar Meaning es escutar Meaning pt teimoso Meaning pt investigação cuidadosa Meaning pt desobediente Meaning pt

wen2 Reading Pinyin wen4 Reading Pinyin ブン Reading On モン Reading On . Reading Kun .こえる Reading Kun mun Reading Korean Reading Korean
hear Meaning ask Meaning listen Meaning entendre Meaning fr écouter Meaning fr demander Meaning fr preguntar Meaning es escuchar Meaning es rumor Meaning es reputación Meaning es oír Meaning es escutar Meaning pt perguntar Meaning pt escuta Meaning pt

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