ひがし Reading ひむかし Reading ひんがし Reading
east Translation eng Osten Translation ger Ost... Translation ger östlich Translation ger est Translation fre восток Translation rus

東西 Word
とうざい Reading
East and West Translation eng whole country Translation eng Orient and Occident Translation eng Western and Eastern Translation eng Your attention, please! Translation eng Ost und West Translation ger der Osten und der Westen Translation ger "votre attention s'il vous plaît" Translation fre est et ouest Translation fre orient et occident Translation fre

東部時間 Traditional 东部时间 Simplified
dong1 bu4 shi2 jian1 Pinyin
(US) Eastern (standard) time English EST English

東部時間 Traditional 东部时间 Simplified
dong1 bu4 shi2 jian1 Pinyin
EST (u.E.) Deutsch

mao3 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On モウ Reading On Reading Kun あきら Nanori しげる Nanori Nanori myo Reading Korean Reading Korean
sign of the hare or rabbit Meaning 5-7AM Meaning fourth sign of Chinese zodiac Meaning east Meaning signe de la 4ème branche terrestre Meaning fr signe du Lapin (zodiaque) Meaning fr 5 à 7 heures du matin Meaning fr Est (90°) Meaning fr signo de la liebre Meaning es cuarto signo del zodíaco Meaning es conejo Meaning es

dong1 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On ひがし Reading Kun あい Nanori あがり Nanori あずま Nanori あづま Nanori Nanori さき Nanori しの Nanori とお Nanori はる Nanori ひが Nanori もと Nanori dong Reading Korean Reading Korean
east Meaning Est Meaning fr Este Meaning es Oriente Meaning pt

東部 Word
とうぶ Reading
eastern part Translation eng östlicher Teil Translation ger Osten Translation ger der Osten Translation ger (der USA) Translation ger Est.. Translation fre partie orientale Translation fre

エスタ Reading Esta Romaji

cuo4 Reading Pinyin cu4 Reading Pinyin サク Reading On シャク Reading On chag Reading Korean jo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
confused Meaning mix Meaning be in disorder Meaning embrouillé Meaning fr confus Meaning fr complexe Meaning fr mélange Meaning fr confundirse Meaning es mezclarse Meaning es equivocarse Meaning es estar desordenado Meaning es confundir Meaning pt mistura Meaning pt está em desordem Meaning pt

you1 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On うれ.える Reading Kun うれ. Reading Kun . Reading Kun . Reading Kun Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
melancholy Meaning grieve Meaning lament Meaning be anxious Meaning sad Meaning unhappy Meaning mélancolie Meaning fr dépression Meaning fr chagrin Meaning fr lamentation Meaning fr triste Meaning fr anxieux Meaning fr malheureux Meaning fr pesadumbre Meaning es inquietud Meaning es preocupación Meaning es estar apesadumbrado Meaning es estar inquieto Meaning es estar preocupado Meaning es melancolia Meaning pt luto Meaning pt lamento Meaning pt está infeliz Meaning pt triste Meaning pt ansioso Meaning pt

lie4 Reading Pinyin レツ Reading On おと. Reading Kun ryeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
inferiority Meaning be inferior to Meaning be worse Meaning infériorité Meaning fr inférieur à Meaning fr être moins bon que Meaning fr debilidad Meaning es inferioridad Meaning es mala calidad Meaning es ser inferior Meaning es ser peor Meaning es inferioridade Meaning pt está inferiorizado Meaning pt piorar Meaning pt

ding4 Reading Pinyin テイ Reading On ジョウ Reading On さだ.める Reading Kun さだ.まる Reading Kun さだ. Reading Kun さた Nanori jeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
determine Meaning fix Meaning establish Meaning decide Meaning déterminé Meaning fr fixé Meaning fr établi Meaning fr décidé Meaning fr determinar Meaning es establecer Meaning es decidir Meaning es determinar Meaning pt fixar Meaning pt estabelecer Meaning pt decidir Meaning pt

she4 Reading Pinyin セツ Reading On もう.ける Reading Kun した Nanori seol Reading Korean Reading Korean
establishment Meaning provision Meaning prepare Meaning créer Meaning fr fonder Meaning fr établir Meaning fr préparer Meaning fr equipar Meaning es instalar Meaning es establecer Meaning es crear Meaning es estabelecimento Meaning pt provisão Meaning pt preparar Meaning pt

quan2 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On ゴン Reading On おもり Reading Kun かり Reading Kun はか. Reading Kun gweon Reading Korean Reading Korean
authority Meaning power Meaning rights Meaning pouvoir Meaning fr autorité Meaning fr droits Meaning fr derechos Meaning es autoridad Meaning es poder Meaning es establecer temporalmente Meaning es autoridade Meaning pt força Meaning pt direitos Meaning pt

shu4 Reading Pinyin ジュ Reading On Reading Kun いつき Nanori うえ Nanori Nanori しげ Nanori Nanori たちき Nanori たつ Nanori たつる Nanori Nanori su Reading Korean Reading Korean
timber trees Meaning wood Meaning grume Meaning fr bois Meaning fr árbol Meaning es vegetación Meaning es establecer Meaning es Madeira-de-lei Meaning pt madeira Meaning pt

ju4 Reading Pinyin ju1 Reading Pinyin キョ Reading On .える Reading Kun .わる Reading Kun geo Reading Korean Reading Korean
set Meaning lay a foundation Meaning install Meaning equip Meaning squat down Meaning sit down Meaning poser les fondations Meaning fr installer Meaning fr équiper Meaning fr s'accroupir Meaning fr s'asseoir Meaning fr establecer Meaning es situar Meaning es emplazar Meaning es instalar Meaning es equipar Meaning es

zhi4 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On je Reading Korean Reading Korean
system Meaning law Meaning rule Meaning système Meaning fr règle Meaning fr loi Meaning fr régime Meaning fr contrôle Meaning fr determinar Meaning es establecer Meaning es comprobar Meaning es cesar Meaning es poner fin Meaning es sistema Meaning es construir Meaning es sistema Meaning pt lei Meaning pt regra Meaning pt

gou4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On かま.える Reading Kun かま. Reading Kun とち Nanori gu Reading Korean Reading Korean
posture Meaning build Meaning pretend Meaning structure Meaning fr concerné Meaning fr préoccupé Meaning fr construire Meaning fr position Meaning fr construir Meaning es ensamblar Meaning es preparación Meaning es preocupación Meaning es establecerse Meaning es montar Meaning es poner Meaning es interesarse por Meaning es preocuparse por Meaning es postura Meaning pt construção Meaning pt fingir Meaning pt

jiu4 Reading Pinyin シュウ Reading On ジュ Reading On . Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun たか Nanori なり Nanori chwi Reading Korean Reading Korean
concerning Meaning settle Meaning take position Meaning depart Meaning study Meaning per Meaning concernant Meaning fr s'installer Meaning fr prendre place Meaning fr prendre un poste Meaning fr adhérer à Meaning fr se rendre à Meaning fr étudier Meaning fr par Meaning fr llegar al trabajo Meaning es realizar Meaning es establecerse en Meaning es tomar posición Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es colocar Meaning pt tomar partido Meaning pt lado de um contrato Meaning pt partido Meaning pt

dian4 Reading Pinyin テン Reading On みせ Reading Kun たな Reading Kun jeom Reading Korean Reading Korean
store Meaning shop Meaning magasin Meaning fr échoppe Meaning fr tienda Meaning es establecimiento Meaning es loja Meaning pt comércio Meaning pt

樹立 Word
じゅりつ Reading
establish Translation eng create Translation eng Errichtung Translation ger Gründung Translation ger Einsatz Translation ger Etablierung Translation ger Stiftung Translation ger constituer Translation fre créer Translation fre

創立 Traditional 创立 Simplified
chuang4 li4 Pinyin
to found English establish English originate English

yan3 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On くく. Reading Kun ただ.しい Reading Kun まこと Reading Kun yeon Reading Korean
establish Meaning one of nine empire divisions Meaning

chuang4 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On ショウ Reading On はじ.める Reading Kun きず.つく Reading Kun chang Reading Korean
establish Meaning create Meaning knife cut Meaning

Character establish, create; knife cut Definition
CHUANG4 CHUANG1 Pinyin cong3 Jyutping
U+5275 Traditional

Character establish, create; knife cut Definition
CHUANG4 CHUANG1 Pinyin cong1 cong3 Jyutping SOU SHOU On HAJIMERU KIZUTSUKU Kun Hangul CHANG Korean
U+524F Variant

Character establish, create; knife cut Definition
U+5231 Variant

Character establish, create; knife cut Definition
U+5275 Variant

Character establish, create; knife cut Definition
CHUANG4 CHUANG1 Pinyin cong1 cong3 Jyutping SOU On KIZU HAJIMERU Kun Hangul CHANG Korean chriɑ̀ng Tang sáng Viet
U+521B Simplified U+5259 Variant

Traditional Simplified
chuang4 Pinyin
establish, create English knife cut English

Character establish; one of nine empire divisions Definition
YAN3 Pinyin jin5 Jyutping YEN Korean
U+5157 Traditional

Character establish; one of nine empire divisions Definition
YAN3 Pinyin jin5 Jyutping EN On KUKURU TADASHII MAKOTO Kun Hangul YEN Korean
U+5156 Simplified

ネームバリュー Reading
name value Source Language eng established reputation Translation eng guter Namen Translation ger

既成 Word
きせい Reading
established Translation eng completed Translation eng existing Translation eng Fertigstellung Translation ger Vollendung Translation ger accompli Translation fre

既成の事実 Word
きせいのじじつ Reading
established fact Translation eng vollendete Tatsache Translation ger fait accompli Translation ger fait établi Translation fre

既成事実 Word
きせいじじつ Reading
established fact Translation eng fait accompli Translation eng vollendete Tatsache Translation ger fait accompli Translation ger fait établi Translation fre

既設 Word
きせつ Reading
established Translation eng existing Translation eng Vollendung Translation ger vollendete Errichtung Translation ger

既定 Word
きてい Reading
default Translation eng established Translation eng pre-arranged Translation eng fixed Translation eng predetermined Translation eng bereits erfolgte Festlegung Translation ger

恒例 Word
こうれい Reading
established practice Translation eng established practise Translation eng custom Translation eng übliches Verfahren Translation ger Gewöhnliches Translation ger coutume Translation fre usage Translation fre

正規 Word
せいき Reading
regular Translation eng normal Translation eng legal Translation eng formal Translation eng established Translation eng legitimate Translation eng Regularität Translation ger Ordentlichkeit Translation ger Legitimität Translation ger Vorschriftsmäßigkeit Translation ger Gesetzmäßigkeit Translation ger réglementaire Translation fre régulier Translation fre

定価 Word
ていか Reading
list price Translation eng regular price Translation eng established price Translation eng Listenpreis Translation ger fester Preis Translation ger prix fixé Translation fre устано́вленная цена́ Translation rus

定石 Word
じょうせき Reading
established tactic Translation eng play by the book Translation eng {Go} orthodoxe Strategie Translation ger Modellzug Translation ger etablierte Taktik Translation ger Grundregeln Translation ger Rudimente Translation ger

定説 Word
ていせつ Reading
established theory Translation eng akzeptierte Theorie Translation ger etablierte Ansicht Translation ger

定評 Word
ていひょう Reading
established opinion Translation eng established reputation Translation eng acknowledged authority Translation eng recognized scholar Translation eng allgemeine Anerkennung Translation ger lobende Beurteilung Translation ger guter Ruf Translation ger

例規 Word
れいき Reading
established rule Translation eng statute Translation eng bestehende Regel Translation ger

例式 Word
れいしき Reading
regular ceremony Translation eng established form Translation eng festgelegte Zeremonie Translation ger übliches Benehmen Translation ger etablierte Form Translation ger

町立 Word
ちょうりつ Reading
established by the town Translation eng städtischer Besitz Translation ger städtisch Translation ger kommunal Translation ger

会社立 Word
かいしゃりつ Reading
established by the company Translation eng Firmenbesitz Translation ger

区立 Word
くりつ Reading
established by the ward Translation eng Bezirks... Translation ger im Besitz des Bezirkes Translation ger

定則 Word
ていそく Reading
law Translation eng established rule Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Regelung Translation ger festgesetzte Regel Translation ger

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