yi4 Reading Pinyin エキ Reading On yeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
station Meaning gare Meaning fr estación Meaning es estação Meaning pt

hou4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On そうろう Reading Kun hu Reading Korean Reading Korean
climate Meaning season Meaning weather Meaning climat Meaning fr temps Meaning fr saison Meaning fr clima Meaning es tiempo Meaning es explorar Meaning es esperar algo Meaning es forma cortés del verbo ser y estar Meaning es clima Meaning pt estação Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt

宿 Literal
su4 Reading Pinyin xiu3 Reading Pinyin xiu4 Reading Pinyin シュク Reading On やど Reading Kun やど. Reading Kun やど. Reading Kun すく Nanori ぶすき Nanori やけ Nanori sug Reading Korean su Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
inn Meaning lodging Meaning relay station Meaning dwell Meaning lodge Meaning be pregnant Meaning home Meaning dwelling Meaning auberge Meaning fr logement Meaning fr séjourner Meaning fr relais (de poste, station) Meaning fr porter en soi (virus, enfant) Meaning fr être enceinte Meaning fr habiter Meaning fr habitation Meaning fr posada Meaning es alojamiento Meaning es hostal Meaning es hospedar Meaning es concebir un hijo Meaning es pousada Meaning pt alojamento Meaning pt estação de retransmissor Meaning pt moradia Meaning pt estar grávida Meaning pt casa Meaning pt residência Meaning pt

xun2 Reading Pinyin ジュン Reading On シュン Reading On sun Reading Korean Reading Korean
decameron Meaning 10day period Meaning season (for specific products Meaning décade Meaning fr saison (fruits, poisson, ...) Meaning fr decamerón Meaning es periodo de 10 días Meaning es decameron Meaning pt 10 dias Meaning pt estação (para produtos específicos Meaning pt

shu3 Reading Pinyin shu4 Reading Pinyin ショ Reading On seo Reading Korean Reading Korean
signature Meaning govt office Meaning police station Meaning signature Meaning fr commissariat de police Meaning fr bureau (administration) Meaning fr autorités publiques Meaning fr puesto Meaning es cargo Meaning es oficina del gobierno Meaning es firma Meaning es assinatura Meaning pt escritório do govêrno Meaning pt estação de polícia Meaning pt

jie2 Reading Pinyin jie1 Reading Pinyin セツ Reading On セチ Reading On ふし Reading Kun -ぶし Reading Kun のっと Reading Kun たかし Nanori jeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
node Meaning season Meaning period Meaning occasion Meaning verse Meaning clause Meaning stanza Meaning honor Meaning joint Meaning knuckle Meaning knob Meaning knot Meaning tune Meaning melody Meaning noeud (vitesse) Meaning fr instant Meaning fr saison Meaning fr période Meaning fr occasion Meaning fr vers (poésie) Meaning fr stance Meaning fr honneur Meaning fr jointure Meaning fr articulation Meaning fr bosse Meaning fr air (musique) Meaning fr mélodie Meaning fr estación Meaning es periodo Meaning es frase Meaning es unión Meaning es articulación Meaning es melodía Meaning es tono Meaning es nudo Meaning es entonación Meaning es Meaning pt estação Meaning pt período Meaning pt ocasião Meaning pt verso Meaning pt cláusula Meaning pt stanza Meaning pt honra Meaning pt junta Meaning pt dos dedos Meaning pt maçaneta Meaning pt canção Meaning pt melodia Meaning pt

tun2 Reading Pinyin zhun1 Reading Pinyin トン Reading On dun Reading Korean jun Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
barracks Meaning police station Meaning camp Meaning garnison Meaning fr poste de police Meaning fr camp militaire Meaning fr barraca Meaning es campamento Meaning es cuartel de policía Meaning es quarteis Meaning pt estação de polícia Meaning pt acampamento Meaning pt

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