die2 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On チョウ Reading On たた. Reading Kun たたみ Reading Kun かさ.なる Reading Kun cheob Reading Korean Reading Korean
tatami mat Meaning counter for tatami mats Meaning fold Meaning shut up Meaning do away with Meaning tatami Meaning fr compteur de tatamis Meaning fr surface : 182 cm x 91 cm Meaning fr replier Meaning fr empiler Meaning fr répété Meaning fr fermer, boucler (maison) Meaning fr terminer Meaning fr tatami Meaning es contador para tatamis Meaning es apilar Meaning es pila Meaning es montón Meaning es esteira do tatami Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de esteiras de tatami Meaning pt dobrar Meaning pt calar Meaning pt abolir Meaning pt

xi2 Reading Pinyin セキ Reading On むしろ Reading Kun seog Reading Korean Reading Korean
seat Meaning mat Meaning occasion Meaning place Meaning siège Meaning fr natte Meaning fr occasion Meaning fr place Meaning fr asiento Meaning es plaza Meaning es posición Meaning es assento Meaning pt esteira Meaning pt ocasião Meaning pt lugar Meaning pt

jian4 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On すす.める Reading Kun こも Nanori cheon Reading Korean Reading Korean
recommend Meaning mat Meaning advise Meaning encourage Meaning offer Meaning recommander Meaning fr natte Meaning fr conseiller Meaning fr encourager Meaning fr proposer Meaning fr recomendación Meaning es consejo Meaning es recomendar Meaning es aconsejar Meaning es recomendar Meaning pt esteira Meaning pt aconselhar Meaning pt encorajar Meaning pt oferecer Meaning pt

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