cu4 Reading Pinyin ソク Reading On うなが. Reading Kun chog Reading Korean Reading Korean
stimulate Meaning urge Meaning press Meaning demand Meaning incite Meaning stimuler Meaning fr encourager Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr inciter Meaning fr demander Meaning fr apremiar Meaning es urgir Meaning es estimular Meaning pt desejo Meaning pt imprensa Meaning pt demanda Meaning pt incitar Meaning pt

li4 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On はげ. Reading Kun はげ.ます Reading Kun ryeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
encourage Meaning be diligent Meaning inspire Meaning encourager Meaning fr être appliqué Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr aliento Meaning es estímulo Meaning es esfuerzo Meaning es diligencia Meaning es alentar Meaning es estimular Meaning es esforzarse Meaning es ser diligente Meaning es encorajar Meaning pt estar diligente Meaning pt inspirar Meaning pt

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