Character excited Definition
ZHONG1 Pinyin zung1 Jyutping SHOU SHU On OOYAKE OSORERU Kun Hangul CONG Korean

激昂 Word 激高 Word
げっこう Reading げきこう Reading
excited Translation eng exasperated Translation eng indignant Translation eng rage Translation eng enraged Translation eng Aufregung Translation ger Erregung Translation ger

励起状態 Word
れいきじょうたい Reading
excited state Translation eng

ハイテンション Reading
high tension (as in electronics, etc.) Translation eng excited Translation eng enthusiastic Translation eng

興奮状態 Word
こうふんじょうたい Reading
excited condition Translation eng excited state Translation eng

大乗り気 Word
おおのりき Reading
good mood Translation eng excited mood Translation eng

亢奮 Traditional 亢奋 Simplified
kang4 fen4 Pinyin
excited English stimulated English

興奮 Traditional 兴奋 Simplified
xing1 fen4 Pinyin
excited English excitement English

Traditional Simplified
zhen4 Pinyin
to shake English to vibrate English to jolt English to quake English excited English shocked English one of the eight trigrams, symbolizing thunder English

peng1 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On ヒョウ Reading On pyeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
in a hurry Meaning excited Meaning agitated Meaning

zhong1 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On シュ Reading On おおやけ Reading Kun おそ.れる Reading Kun jong Reading Korean
excited Meaning

いそいそ Reading
cheerfully Translation eng excitedly Translation eng erfreut Translation ger freudig Translation ger mit Freuden Translation ger eifrig Translation ger allègrement Translation fre avec animation Translation fre gaiement Translation fre ра́достно Translation rus в предвкуше́нии Translation rus

わくわく Reading
tremble Translation eng get nervous Translation eng excitedly Translation eng thrilled Translation eng nervös Translation ger aufgeregt Translation ger gespannt Translation ger être excité Translation fre être nerveux Translation fre

大乗り Word 大ノリ Word
おおのり Reading おおノリ Reading
excitedly Translation eng type of rhythm for Noh songs Translation eng

勃然 Traditional 勃然 Simplified
bo2 ran2 Pinyin
agitatedly English excitedly English vigorously English

沖沖 Traditional 冲冲 Simplified
chong1 chong1 Pinyin
excitedly English

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