Character exhausted Definition
DAN1 Pinyin daan1 Jyutping TAN On TAN Korean

くたくた Reading ぐたぐた Reading ぐだぐだ Reading
exhausted Translation eng tired Translation eng withered Translation eng worn out Translation eng boiling until shapeless or mushy Translation eng tediously Translation eng repetitively Translation eng wordily Translation eng k.o. Translation ger kaputt Translation ger fertig Translation ger todmüde Translation ger hundmüde Translation ger abgetragen Translation ger aus der Form Translation ger être à plat Translation fre être épuisé Translation fre
くどくど Crossref

でれっと Reading
exhausted Translation eng lovestruck Translation eng logy Translation eng schlampig Translation ger schluderig Translation ger kokett Translation ger

でれでれ Reading
exhausted Translation eng lovestruck Translation eng logy Translation eng fawning Translation eng mooning Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger schlampig Translation ger flirtend Translation ger

死脈 Word
しみゃく Reading
weakening pulse Translation eng exhausted (mining) vein Translation eng schwächer werdender Puls eines Sterbenden Translation ger erschöpfte Erzader Translation ger

人困馬乏 Traditional 人困马乏 Simplified
ren2 kun4 ma3 fa2 Pinyin
riders tired and horses weary English worn out English exhausted English spent English fatigued English

倦怠 Traditional 倦怠 Simplified
juan4 dai4 Pinyin
worn out English exhausted English dispirited English

勞累 Traditional 劳累 Simplified
lao2 lei4 Pinyin
tired English exhausted English worn out English to toil English

Traditional Simplified
dan1 Pinyin
exhausted English

Traditional Simplified
kui4 Pinyin
to lack English lacking English empty English exhausted English

匱竭 Traditional 匮竭 Simplified
kui4 jie2 Pinyin
exhausted English

困頓 Traditional 困顿 Simplified
kun4 dun4 Pinyin
fatigued English exhausted English poverty-stricken English in straitened circumstances English

Traditional Simplified
bei4 Pinyin
exhausted English

枯竭 Traditional 枯竭 Simplified
ku1 jie2 Pinyin
used up English dried up English exhausted (of resources) English

枯萎 Traditional 枯萎 Simplified
ku1 wei3 Pinyin
to wilt English to wither English wilted English withered English drained English enervated English exhausted English

沒勁 Traditional 没劲 Simplified
mei2 jin4 Pinyin
to have no strength English to feel weak English exhausted English feeling listless English boring English of no interest English

用光 Traditional 用光 Simplified
yong4 guang1 Pinyin
out of (supply) English spent English exhausted (used up) English depleted English

疲弱 Traditional 疲弱 Simplified
pi2 ruo4 Pinyin
tired English weak English exhausted English

疲憊 Traditional 疲惫 Simplified
pi2 bei4 Pinyin
beaten English exhausted English tired English

疲累 Traditional 疲累 Simplified
pi2 lei4 Pinyin
tired English exhausted English

Traditional Simplified
jin4 Pinyin
to use up English to exhaust English to end English to finish English to the utmost English exhausted English finished English to the limit (of sth) English

磬竭 Traditional 磬竭 Simplified
qing4 jie2 Pinyin
used up English exhausted English emptied English

Traditional Simplified
qiong2 Pinyin
exhausted English poor English

窮餓 Traditional 穷饿 Simplified
qiong2 e4 Pinyin
exhausted and hungry English

累累 Traditional 累累 Simplified
lei4 lei4 Pinyin
tired English exhausted English wretched English dejected English disappointed English

Traditional Simplified
qing4 Pinyin
use-up English exhausted English empty English

罄匱 Traditional 罄匮 Simplified
qing4 kui4 Pinyin
used-up English exhausted English

Traditional Simplified
lan2 Pinyin
railing English balustrade English door-screen English exhausted English late English

pi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On つか.れる Reading Kun -づか. Reading Kun つか.らす Reading Kun pi Reading Korean Reading Korean
exhausted Meaning tire Meaning weary Meaning fatigue Meaning fr épuisé Meaning fr las Meaning fr cansancio Meaning es fatiga Meaning es cansar Meaning es fatigar Meaning es cansarse Meaning es fatigarse Meaning es exaurido Meaning pt exausto Meaning pt cansado Meaning pt

xie1 Reading Pinyin ケツ Reading On カイ Reading On カツ Reading On .める Reading Kun heol Reading Korean Reading Korean
exhausted Meaning out of Meaning

qiong2 Reading Pinyin キュウ Reading On キョウ Reading On きわ.める Reading Kun きわ.まる Reading Kun きわ. Reading Kun
exhausted Meaning impoverished Meaning poor Meaning

Traditional Simplified
gu4 Pinyin
dried up English dry English exhausted, tired English

Character exhausted; impoverished; poor Definition

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