Word Word
はず Reading
expectation that something took place, will take place or was in some state Translation eng it should be so Translation eng bound to be Translation eng expected to be Translation eng must be Translation eng nock (of a bow) Translation eng nock (of an arrow) Translation eng nock-shaped grip (between thumb and forefinger) (Sumo) Translation eng sollte Translation ger müsste Translation ger es ist zu erwarten Translation ger es ist zu vermuten Translation ger (in der Konstruktion "hazu de aru") Translation ger utilisé pour exprimer qu'une chose est presque sûre (cela devrait être ainsi) Translation fre

予定日 Word
よていび Reading
scheduled date Translation eng expected date Translation eng planmäßiger Tag Translation ger

所期 Word
しょき Reading
expected Translation eng anticipated Translation eng hoped for Translation eng expectation Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Erwartung Translation ger Aussicht Translation ger

予価 Word
よか Reading
probable (predetermined) price Translation eng expected price Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger geplanter Preis Translation ger voraussichtlicher Preis Translation ger

実現性 Word
じつげんせい Reading
practicability Translation eng feasibility Translation eng operability Translation eng expected implementation Translation eng

期望值 Traditional 期望值 Simplified
qi1 wang4 zhi2 Pinyin
expected value English

車程 Traditional 车程 Simplified
che1 cheng2 Pinyin
travel time English expected time for a car journey English

預期 Traditional 预期 Simplified
yu4 qi1 Pinyin
expect English expected English

gua1 Reading Pinyin カツ Reading On はず Reading Kun やはず Reading Kun gwal Reading Korean Reading Korean
notch of an arrow Meaning ought Meaning must Meaning should be Meaning expected Meaning

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