Character extra horse; imperial son-in-law Definition
FU4 Pinyin fu6 Jyutping FU BU On SOEUMA CHIKAI Kun Hangul PWU Korean phò Viet
U+9A78 Simplified

Character extra horse; imperial son-in-law Definition
FU4 Pinyin fu6 Jyutping
U+99D9 Traditional

エキストラ Reading
extra Translation eng Statist Translation ger Nebenrolle Translation ger Extra Translation ger Überzähliges Translation ger Außergewöhnliches. Translation ger экстра Translation rus

加配米 Word
かはいまい Reading
extra rice ration Translation eng

加俸 Word
かほう Reading
extra allowance Translation eng Zulage Translation ger Gehaltszulage Translation ger Zuschuss Translation ger Lohnzuschlag Translation ger

上積み Word
うわづみ Reading
deck cargo Translation eng upper layer of goods Translation eng extra Translation eng to pile on top of Translation eng obere Ladung Translation ger Draufgabe Translation ger

凄い Word
すごい Reading
terrible Translation eng dreadful Translation eng amazing (e.g. of strength) Translation eng great (e.g. of skills) Translation eng wonderful Translation eng terrific Translation eng to a great extent Translation eng vast (in numbers) Translation eng unheimlich Translation ger nicht geheuer Translation ger ungeheuer Translation ger gruselig Translation ger fürchterlich Translation ger furchtbar Translation ger schrecklich Translation ger entsetzlich Translation ger wahnsinnig Translation ger toll Translation ger großartig Translation ger fabelhaft Translation ger extra Translation fre extraordinaire Translation fre formidable Translation fre génial! Translation fre incroyable Translation fre super Translation fre terrible Translation fre

張り出し Word 張り出 Word 張出し Word
はりだし Reading
notice Translation eng poster Translation eng overhang Translation eng extra third or fourth wrestler of certain rank (sumo) Translation eng Plakat Translation ger Anschlag Translation ger etw., das über die Linie des Fundamentes hervorsteht Translation ger etw. Erkerartiges Translation ger

天竺 Word
てんじく Reading
India Translation eng cotton sheeting Translation eng foreign Translation eng imported Translation eng ultra-spicy Translation eng extra hot Translation eng Indien Translation ger (alte Bezeichnung) Translation ger
天竺木綿 Crossref

番外 Word
ばんがい Reading
extra Translation eng Extranummer Translation ger Extrablatt Translation ger Sonderausgabe Translation ger

べつ Reading
distinction Translation eng difference Translation eng different Translation eng another Translation eng particular Translation eng separate Translation eng extra Translation eng exception Translation eng Unterscheidung Translation ger Unterschied Translation ger etw. Unterschiedliches Translation ger etw. beiseite Gelassenes Translation ger Extra Translation ger etw. Zusätzliches Translation ger autre Translation fre difference Translation fre distinction Translation fre séparé Translation fre разли́чие Translation rus ра́зница Translation rus

別巻 Word
べっかん Reading
separate volume Translation eng extra issue Translation eng

別冊 Word
べっさつ Reading
separate volume Translation eng extra issue Translation eng supplement Translation eng Beilage Translation ger Extraausgabe Translation ger Sonderband Translation ger Extraband Translation ger supplément (d'un magazine) Translation fre

別封で Word
べっぷうで Reading
under separate cover Translation eng in einem anderen Umschlag Translation ger getrennt Translation ger extra Translation ger

余分 Word
よぶん Reading
extra Translation eng excess Translation eng surplus Translation eng Überschuss Translation ger Übermaß Translation ger Zuviel Translation ger Rest Translation ger etw. Zusätzliches Translation ger excédent Translation fre reste Translation fre

態々 Word 態態 Word
わざわざ Reading
expressly Translation eng specially Translation eng doing something especially rather than incidentally Translation eng besonders Translation ger extra Translation ger eigens Translation ger ausdrücklich Translation ger absichtlich Translation ger mit Absicht Translation ger vorsätzlich Translation ger wissentlich Translation ger en faisat exprès Translation fre expréssement Translation fre spécialement Translation fre

割り増し Word 割増 Word 割増し Word
わりまし Reading
premium Translation eng bonus Translation eng extra wages Translation eng Zuschlag Translation ger Aufschlag Translation ger erhöhte Gebühr Translation ger Prämie Translation ger

増し Word
まし Reading マシ Reading
better Translation eng less objectionable Translation eng preferable Translation eng more Translation eng increase Translation eng extra Translation eng increase Translation eng growth Translation eng Zunahme Translation ger Zuwachs Translation ger Zusatz Translation ger Zuschlag Translation ger Extra... Translation ger Sonder... Translation ger Neben... Translation ger meilleur Translation fre préférable Translation fre supplémentaire Translation fre

割増料金 Word 割り増し料金 Word 割増し料金 Word
わりましりょうきん Reading
surcharge Translation eng extra charge Translation eng Zuschlag Translation ger

割増賃金 Word
わりましちんぎん Reading
extra pay Translation eng

基準外賃金 Word
きじゅんがいちんぎん Reading
extra wages Translation eng Zusatzlohn Translation ger zusätzliches Gehalt Translation ger

上乗せ Word
うわのせ Reading
extra Translation eng Draufgabe Translation ger

限外 Word
げんがい Reading
excess Translation eng extra Translation eng Übermaß Translation ger Überschuss Translation ger

特別料金 Word
とくべつりょうきん Reading
extra charge Translation eng specially reduced charge Translation eng Sondergebühr Translation ger

ちょい役 Word
ちょいやく Reading
bit part (e.g. in a film) Translation eng extra Translation eng

特上 Word
とくじょう Reading
first class plus Translation eng extra special Translation eng

エキストラベッド Reading
extra bed Translation eng

加車 Traditional 加车 Simplified
jia1 che1 Pinyin
extra bus or train English

增兵 Traditional 增兵 Simplified
zeng1 bing1 Pinyin
to reinforce English to increase troop numbers English reinforcements English extra troops English

外加 Traditional 外加 Simplified
wai4 jia1 Pinyin
in addition English extra English

額外 Traditional 额外 Simplified
e2 wai4 Pinyin
extra English added English additional English

Traditional Simplified
yu2 Pinyin
extra English surplus English remaining English remainder after division English (following numerical value) or more English in excess of (some number) English residue (math.) English after English I English me English surname Yu English

額外 Traditional 额外 Simplified
e4 wai4 Pinyin
extra (u.E.) Deutsch

貨幣紅利 Traditional 货币红利 Simplified
huo4 bi4 hong2 li4 Pinyin
Extra (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

極優 Traditional 极优 Simplified
ji2 you1 Pinyin
extra fein (u.E.) Deutsch

特別版 Traditional 特别版 Simplified
te4 bie2 ban3 Pinyin
Extra (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Spezialausgabe (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

添加物 Traditional 添加物 Simplified
tian1 jia1 wu4 Pinyin
Adjunkt (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Extra (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Zubehör (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

bie2 Reading Pinyin ベツ Reading On わか.れる Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun べっ Nanori byeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
separate Meaning branch off Meaning diverge Meaning fork Meaning another Meaning extra Meaning specially Meaning séparer Meaning fr spécialement Meaning fr diverger Meaning fr extra Meaning fr un autre Meaning fr separar Meaning es aparte Meaning es distinto Meaning es dividirse Meaning es separar Meaning pt ramo desligado Meaning pt divergir Meaning pt garfo Meaning pt outro Meaning pt extra Meaning pt especialmente Meaning pt

can1 Reading Pinyin サン Reading On そえうま Reading Kun cham Reading Korean Reading Korean
extra driver or horse Meaning

fu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On そえうま Reading Kun ちか. Reading Kun bu Reading Korean
extra horse Meaning imperial son-in-law Meaning

特段 Word
とくだん Reading
special Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger besonders Translation ger speziell Translation ger Sonder- Translation ger Spezial- Translation ger Extra- Translation ger

管外 Word
かんがい Reading
outside the control or jurisdiction (of) Translation eng extra- Translation eng

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