Character horned hair Definition
fan3 hin2 hyun1 Jyutping

Character to die, to open, as an ulcer or sore Definition
BEN4 FEN4 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping

Character to faint, to feel nausea, abuse; vilification Definition
FAN4 WAN3 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping

䀀 Character cups; small cups Definition
FAN2 Pinyin fan3 fan4 fan6 Jyutping

Character reverse, opposite, contrary, anti Definition
FAN3 FAN1 Pinyin faan1 faan2 Jyutping HAN TAN HON On SORU KAESU KAERU Kun Hangul PAN PEN Korean *biæ̌n Tang phản Viet

FEN4 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping


Character to sleep Definition
SHUI4 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping

Character manure, dung, shit, excrement, night soil Definition
FEN4 SAN1 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping
U+7CDE Traditional

Character manure, dung, night soil Definition
FEN4 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping FUN On KUSO Kun Hangul PWUN Korean biə̀n Tang phân Viet
U+7CAA Simplified

Character teach, instruct; exegesis Definition
XUN4 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping KUN KIN On OSHIERU OSHIE YOMU Kun Hangul HWUN Korean xiuə̀n Tang huấn Viet
U+8BAD Simplified

Character teach, instruct; exegesis Definition
XUN4 Pinyin fan3 Jyutping
U+8A13 Traditional

FAN3 Pinyin

Character return, revert to, restore Definition
FAN3 Pinyin faan1 faan2 Jyutping HEN HAN HON On KAESU KAERU Kun Hangul PAN Korean *biæ̌n Tang phản Viet

Character sole or flounder Definition
FAN3 BAN3 Pinyin baan2 Jyutping HAN BAN On KAREI Kun

Traditional Simplified
fan3 Pinyin
contrary English in reverse English inside-out or upside-down English to reverse English to return English to oppose English opposite English against English anti- English to rebel English to use analogy English instead English abbr. for 反切 phonetic system English

反之 Traditional 反之 Simplified
fan3 zhi1 Pinyin
on the other hand... English conversely... English

反人類 Traditional 反人类 Simplified
fan3 ren2 lei4 Pinyin
inhuman English

反作用 Traditional 反作用 Simplified
fan3 zuo4 yong4 Pinyin
opposite reaction English

反例 Traditional 反例 Simplified
fan3 li4 Pinyin
counter-example English

反倒 Traditional 反倒 Simplified
fan3 dao4 Pinyin
but on the contrary English but expectedly English

反側 Traditional 反侧 Simplified
fan3 ce4 Pinyin
to toss and turn English

反傾銷 Traditional 反倾销 Simplified
fan3 qing1 xiao1 Pinyin
anti-dumping English

反光 Traditional 反光 Simplified
fan3 guang1 Pinyin
to reflect light English

反光鏡 Traditional 反光镜 Simplified
fan3 guang1 jing4 Pinyin
reflector English reflecting mirror English

反光面 Traditional 反光面 Simplified
fan3 guang1 mian4 Pinyin
reflecting surface English

反共 Traditional 反共 Simplified
fan3 gong4 Pinyin
anti-communist English

反共主義 Traditional 反共主义 Simplified
fan3 gong4 zhu3 yi4 Pinyin
anti-communism English

反函數 Traditional 反函数 Simplified
fan3 han2 shu4 Pinyin
inverse function (math.) English

反剪 Traditional 反剪 Simplified
fan3 jian3 Pinyin
with hands behind one's back English trussed English

反動 Traditional 反动 Simplified
fan3 dong4 Pinyin
reaction English reactionary English

反動份子 Traditional 反动分子 Simplified
fan3 dong4 fen4 zi3 Pinyin
reactionaries English reactionary elements English

反動派 Traditional 反动派 Simplified
fan3 dong4 pai4 Pinyin
reactionaries English

反反復復 Traditional 反反复复 Simplified
fan3 fan3 fu4 fu4 Pinyin
repeatedly English time and time again English

反叛 Traditional 反叛 Simplified
fan3 pan4 Pinyin
rebel English revolt English

反叛份子 Traditional 反叛分子 Simplified
fan3 pan4 fen4 zi3 Pinyin
insurgent English rebel English

反口 Traditional 反口 Simplified
fan3 kou3 Pinyin
to correct oneself English to renege English to break one's word English

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