Character fancy boat, yacht Definition
FANG3 Pinyin fong2 Jyutping HOU On MOYAIBUNE Kun Hangul PANG Korean biɑ̀ng Tang

デコレーションケーキ Reading
decoration cake Source Language eng decorated cake Translation eng fancy cake Translation eng {Konditoreiw.} Cremetorte Translation ger Torte mit viel Dekoration Translation ger

ファンシー Reading
fancy Translation eng Einbildung Translation ger Tagtraum Translation ger etw. fein Ausgedachtes. Translation ger

ファンシーグッズ Reading
fancy goods Translation eng Geschenkartikel Translation ger

ファンシーストア Reading
fancy store Translation eng

ファンシードレス Reading
fancy dress Translation eng

ファンシーフード Reading
fancy food Translation eng

ファンシーボール Reading
fancy ball Translation eng Maskenball Translation ger Kostümball Translation ger

仮装 Word
かそう Reading
costume Translation eng fancy dress Translation eng masquerade Translation eng disguise Translation eng converted (cruiser) Translation eng Verkleidung Translation ger Maskierung Translation ger Vermummung Translation ger Kostümierung Translation ger provisorische Umwandlung Translation ger déguisement Translation fre mascarade Translation fre

曲飛び Word
きょくとび Reading
fancy diving Translation eng

空想 Word
くうそう Reading
daydream Translation eng fantasy Translation eng fancy Translation eng vision Translation eng Träumerei Translation ger Traumbild Translation ger Fantasie Translation ger Einbildung Translation ger Vision Translation ger Hirngespinst Translation ger Luftschloss Translation ger fantaisie (phantasy) Translation fre imagination Translation fre rêverie Translation fre visions Translation fre мечта́ Translation rus фанта́зия Translation rus

好尚 Word
こうしょう Reading
taste Translation eng fancy Translation eng fashion Translation eng Geschmack Translation ger Vorliebe Translation ger Neigung Translation ger

変わり模様 Word
かわりもよう Reading
fancy pattern Translation eng

唐物 Word
からもの Reading とうぶつ Reading とうもつ Reading
fancy ancient Chinese imported goods Translation eng imported goods Translation eng Importwaren Translation ger aus China importierte Webwaren Translation ger Altwaren Translation ger

Traditional Simplified
hua1 Pinyin
flower English blossom English fancy pattern English to spend (money, time) English surname Hua English

花俏 Traditional 花俏 Simplified
hua1 qiao4 Pinyin
fancy English

花巧 Traditional 花巧 Simplified
hua1 qiao3 Pinyin
fancy English

a memorandum tablet Meaning slip of paper Meaning fancy note-paper Meaning a note Meaning a document Meaning comments Meaning

a memoradum tablet Meaning slip of paper Meaning fancy notepaper Meaning a note Meaning a document Meaning

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