Character feather ornaments Definition
ziu1 Jyutping

Character feather cockscomb (Celosia argentea) Definition
XIANG1 Pinyin soeng1 Jyutping SHOU SOU On NOGEITOU Kun

Character feather Definition
YU3 Pinyin U On HA HANE Kun WU Korean
U+7FBD Variant U+7FBD Variant

フェザー Reading
phaser Translation eng phasor Translation eng feather Translation eng Feder Translation ger

フェザープレーン Reading
feather plane Translation eng

Word 羽根 Word Word 羽子 Word
はね Reading
feather Translation eng plume Translation eng wing Translation eng blade (fan, propeller, etc.) Translation eng Feder Translation ger Gefieder Translation ger Flügel Translation ger etw. Klingenförmiges Translation ger Ventilatorblatt Translation ger Federballspiel Translation ger aile Translation fre plume Translation fre empennage Translation fre volant (badminton) Translation fre

羽箒 Word
はぼうき Reading はねぼうき Reading
feather duster Translation eng Federbesen Translation ger

Radical Radical
feather Meaning

フェザー Reading Feather Romaji

Traditional Simplified
mao2 Pinyin
hair English feather English down English wool English mildew English mold English coarse or semifinished English young English raw English careless English unthinking English nervous English scared English (of currency) to devalue or depreciate English classifier for Chinese fractional monetary unit ( = |[jiao3] , = 1 English 10 yuan or 10 fen |[fen1]) English

Traditional Simplified
dao4 Pinyin
big banner English feather banner or fan English

Traditional Simplified
yu3 Pinyin
feather English 5th note in pentatonic scale English

羽毛 Traditional 羽毛 Simplified
yu3 mao2 Pinyin
feather English plumage English plume English

Traditional Simplified
yi4 Pinyin
feather screen English to screen English to shade English cataract English

翿 Traditional 翿 Simplified
dao4 Pinyin
feather banner or fan English

青葙 Traditional 青葙 Simplified
qing1 xiang1 Pinyin
feather cockscomb (Celosia argentea) English

shen3 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On . Reading Kun いわ.んや Reading Kun はぐき Reading Kun はぎ Reading Kun sin Reading Korean Reading Korean
feather (arrow) Meaning

mao2 Reading Pinyin モウ Reading On Reading Kun めん Nanori Nanori mo Reading Korean Reading Korean
fur Meaning hair Meaning feather Meaning down Meaning pilosité Meaning fr pelage Meaning fr cheveux Meaning fr plumage Meaning fr duvet Meaning fr pelaje Meaning es vello Meaning es pluma Meaning es cultivo Meaning es producción Meaning es peles Meaning pt cabelo Meaning pt pena Meaning pt abaixo Meaning pt

ling2 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On リョウ Reading On はね Reading Kun ryeong Reading Korean
feather Meaning plume Meaning wing Meaning

Character feather, flying, neat feather Definition
CU4 Pinyin cuk1 Jyutping

Character feather, plume; wings; rad. 124 Definition
YU3 HU4 Pinyin jyu5 Jyutping U On HA HANE Kun Hangul WU Korean *hiǒ Tang Viet
U+FA1E Variant

Character feather; plume; wing Definition
LING2 Pinyin ling4 Jyutping REI RYOU On HANE Kun Hangul LYENG Korean leng Tang ầm liệng Viet

フェザーカット Reading
feathercut Translation eng Feathercut Translation ger (ein Damenhaarschnitt) Translation ger

羽冠 Traditional 羽冠 Simplified
yu3 guan1 Pinyin
feathered crest (of bird) English

身披羽毛 Traditional 身披羽毛 Simplified
shen1 pi1 yu3 mao2 Pinyin
feathered English

jue2 Reading Pinyin ケツ Reading On かぎ Reading Kun gweol Reading Korean Reading Korean
feathered stick Meaning barb radical (no. 6) Meaning

Character feathers used decorate coffin; large wooden fan Definition
SHA4 Pinyin saap3 Jyutping SOU SHOU On HITSUGIKAZARI Kun Hangul SAP Korean

羽毛 Word
うもう Reading
feathers Translation eng plumage Translation eng down Translation eng Feder Translation ger Gefieder Translation ger Flaum Translation ger Daunen Translation ger plumage Translation fre plumes Translation fre

yu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading Kun Reading Kun はね Reading Kun しゅう Nanori Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
feathers Meaning counter for birds, rabbits Meaning plume Meaning fr compteur d'oiseaux, lapins Meaning fr pluma Meaning es alas Meaning es contador de pájaros y conejos Meaning es penas Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de pássaros Meaning pt coelhos Meaning pt

sha4 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On ショウ Reading On ひつぎかざり Reading Kun sab Reading Korean
feathers used decorate coffin Meaning large wooden fan Meaning

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