yang2 Reading Pinyin ヨウ Reading On いつわ. Reading Kun yang Reading Korean Reading Korean
pretend Meaning feign Meaning false Meaning deceitful Meaning

xiao4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On シツ Reading On うそぶ. Reading Kun so Reading Korean Reading Korean
roar Meaning howl Meaning recite emotionally Meaning feign indifference Meaning

仮病 Word
けびょう Reading
feigned illness Translation eng vorgetäuschte Krankheit Translation ger maladie simulée Translation fre

作り声 Word
つくりごえ Reading
feigned voice Translation eng unnatural voice Translation eng verstellte Stimme Translation ger чужо́й го́лос Translation rus наро́чно изменённый го́лос Translation rus

作り病 Word
つくりやまい Reading
feigned illness Translation eng

作り盲 Word
つくりめくら Reading
feigned blindness Translation eng

作病 Word
さくびょう Reading
feigned illness Translation eng

知らん顔 Word
しらんかお Reading
unconcerned air Translation eng indifference Translation eng feigned ignorance Translation eng pretending not to recognize (somebody) Translation eng gleichgültiges Gesicht Translation ger unbekümmertes Gesicht Translation ger air indifférent Translation fre indifférence Translation fre indifférence marquée Translation fre

猫かぶり Word 猫被り Word
ねこかぶり Reading
feigned innocence or naivete Translation eng beguiling innocence Translation eng wolf in sheep's clothing Translation eng Heuchelei Translation ger Verstellungskunst Translation ger Vorspiegelung von Unwissenheit Translation ger Hypokrisie Translation ger

佯狂 Word
ようきょう Reading
feigned madness Translation eng vorgetäuschter Wahnsinn Translation ger jmd., der Wahnsinn vortäuscht Translation ger

空泣き Word
そらなき Reading
false or crocodile tears Translation eng feigned sadness Translation eng falsche Tränen Translation ger Krokodilstränen Translation ger vorgetäuschte Trauer Translation ger

空笑い Word
そらわらい Reading
feigned laughter Translation eng vorgetäuschtes Lachen Translation ger falsches Lachen Translation ger

空寝 Word
そらね Reading
feigned sleep Translation eng playing possum Translation eng vorgetäuschter Schlaf Translation ger

泣き真似 Word
なきまね Reading
feigned or crocodile tears Translation eng Krokodilstränen Translation ger falsche Tränen Translation ger

恍け Word 惚け Word
とぼけ Reading
assumed innocence Translation eng feigned ignorance Translation eng vorgetäuschte Unschuld Translation ger vorspiegelte Unwissenheit Translation ger

馬鹿慇懃 Word
ばかいんぎん Reading
overdone politeness Translation eng polite to a fault Translation eng feigned politeness Translation eng

素知らぬ Word
そしらぬ Reading
feigned Translation eng pretending Translation eng

假死 Traditional 假死 Simplified
jia3 si3 Pinyin
suspended animation English feigned death English to play dead English

詐降 Traditional 诈降 Simplified
zha4 xiang2 Pinyin
feigned surrender English

擬死 Word
ぎし Reading
feigning death Translation eng {Zool.} Totstellreflex Translation ger

知らぬ顔 Word
しらぬかお Reading
pretending not to know Translation eng feigning ignorance Translation eng

狸寝入り Word たぬき寝入り Word
たぬきねいり Reading
feigning sleep Translation eng vorgetäuschter Schlaf Translation ger Scheinschlaf Translation ger

ばっくれ Reading
feigning ignorance Translation eng evading one's responsibilities Translation eng

知らないふり Word 知らない振り Word
しらないふり Reading
feigning ignorance Translation eng acting dumb Translation eng

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