Character feudal estate Definition
CAI4 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping SAI On CHIGYOUSHO TSUKASA Kun Hangul CHAY Korean

Character feudal title or rank Definition
JUE2 Pinyin zoek3 Jyutping SHAKU On SAKAZUKI Kun Hangul CAK Korean tước Viet

侯伯 Word
こうはく Reading
nobles Translation eng feudal lords Translation eng Marquis und Graf Translation ger Adligen Translation ger Daimyô Translation ger

殿 Word
との Reading
feudal lord Translation eng mansion Translation eng palace Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Feudalherr Translation ger mein Fürst Translation ger mein Herr Translation ger seigneur Translation fre demeure Translation fre palais Translation fre

殿様 Word
とのさま Reading
feudal lord Translation eng Feudalherr Translation ger Fürst Translation ger

藩主 Word
はんしゅ Reading
feudal lord Translation eng daimyo Translation eng Haupt eines Clans Translation ger Feudalherr Translation ger seigneur féodal Translation fre

武家政治 Word
ぶけせいじ Reading
feudal government Translation eng Feudalregierung Translation ger

封建時代 Word
ほうけんじだい Reading
feudal period Translation eng {Gesch.} Feudalzeit Translation ger feudales Zeitalter Translation ger

封建制度 Word
ほうけんせいど Reading
feudal system Translation eng Feudalsystem Translation ger système féodal Translation fre

与力 Word
よりき Reading
feudal era police rank Translation eng {Gesch.} Polizeihauptmann Translation ger (in der Edo-Zeit) Translation ger Hilfe Translation ger Beistand Translation ger

古強者 Word 古武士 Word 古兵 Word
ふるつわもの Reading こへい Reading こぶし Reading
feudal warrior Translation eng samurai Translation eng old soldier Translation eng veteran Translation eng old hand Translation eng Altgedienter Translation ger Erfahrener Translation ger

封建的 Word
ほうけんてき Reading
feudal Translation eng feudalistisch Translation ger féodal Translation fre

貴族的 Word
きぞくてき Reading
aristocratic Translation eng aristokratisch Translation ger nobel Translation ger ritterlich Translation ger feudal Translation ger

藩士 Word
はんし Reading
feudal retainer or warrior Translation eng {Gesch.} Vasall Translation ger Lehnsmann Translation ger (Edo-Zeit) Translation ger

藩侯 Word
はんこう Reading
feudal lord Translation eng daimyo Translation eng Feudalherr Translation ger Daimyô Translation ger

蕃主 Word
ばんしゅ Reading
feudal lord Translation eng

領主 Word
りょうしゅ Reading
feudal lord Translation eng Feudalherr Translation ger Lehnsherr Translation ger

領国 Word
りょうごく Reading
territory Translation eng fiefdom Translation eng feudal domain Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Territorium Translation ger

官府 Traditional 官府 Simplified
guan1 fu3 Pinyin
authorities English feudal official English

Traditional Simplified
cai4 Pinyin
feudal estate English

封地 Traditional 封地 Simplified
feng1 di4 Pinyin
feudal fiefdom English land held as a vassal in feudal society English enfeoffment English

封建 Traditional 封建 Simplified
feng1 jian4 Pinyin
system of enfeoffment English feudalism English feudal English feudalistic English

封建主 Traditional 封建主 Simplified
feng1 jian4 zhu3 Pinyin
feudal ruler English

封建時代 Traditional 封建时代 Simplified
feng1 jian4 shi2 dai4 Pinyin
feudal times English

封建社會 Traditional 封建社会 Simplified
feng1 jian4 she4 hui4 Pinyin
feudal society English

戶部 Traditional 户部 Simplified
hu4 bu4 Pinyin
feudal Chinese Ministry of Revenue English

莊園 Traditional 庄园 Simplified
zhuang1 yuan2 Pinyin
a manor English feudal land English a villa and park English

Traditional Simplified
ba4 Pinyin
hegemon English tyrant English lord English feudal chief English to rule by force English to usurp English (in modern advertising) master English

封建 Traditional 封建 Simplified
feng1 jian4 Pinyin
feudal (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

富麗 Traditional 富丽 Simplified
fu4 li4 Pinyin
feudal (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

zhuang1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On ショウ Reading On チャン Reading On ほうき Reading Kun おごそ. Reading Kun Nanori jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
villa Meaning inn Meaning cottage Meaning feudal manor Meaning villa Meaning fr auberge Meaning fr maison de campagne Meaning fr manoir féodal Meaning fr majestuoso Meaning es solemne Meaning es posada Meaning es villa Meaning es palacete Meaning pt pousada Meaning pt casa de campo Meaning pt mansão feudal Meaning pt

cai3 Reading Pinyin shen3 Reading Pinyin サイ Reading On ちぎょうしょ Reading Kun つかさ Reading Kun chae Reading Korean
feudal estate Meaning

zhu1 Reading Pinyin チュ Reading On シュ Reading On ju Reading Korean
feudal state which existed BC 700-469, now in Shandong Meaning

荘園 Word 庄園 Word
しょうえん Reading そうえん Reading
manor Translation eng demesne Translation eng {Gesch.} Shôen Translation ger Lehen Translation ger feudale Landbesitzung Translation ger

主君 Word
しゅくん Reading
lord Translation eng master Translation eng Herr Translation ger Feudalherr Translation ger

諸侯 Traditional 诸侯 Simplified
zhu1 hou2 Pinyin
Feudalherr (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Vasall (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

諸侯 Word
しょこう Reading
princes Translation eng lords Translation eng Feudalherren Translation ger Fürsten Translation ger Daimyô Translation ger seigneurs Translation fre

封建主義 Word
ほうけんしゅぎ Reading
feudalism Translation eng Feudalismus Translation ger féodalisme/féodalité Translation fre

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