xing2 Reading Pinyin hang2 Reading Pinyin hang4 Reading Pinyin xing4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On ギョウ Reading On アン Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun -ゆ. Reading Kun -ゆき Reading Kun -い. Reading Kun -いき Reading Kun おこな. Reading Kun おこ.なう Reading Kun いく Nanori なみ Nanori なめ Nanori みち Nanori ゆき Nanori ゆく Nanori haeng Reading Korean hang Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
going Meaning journey Meaning aller Meaning fr voyage Meaning fr ir Meaning es fila Meaning es línea (texto) Meaning es ocurrencia Meaning es conducta Meaning es realizar Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es ocurrir Meaning es ir Meaning pt viagem Meaning pt viajar Meaning pt

ce4 Reading Pinyin ze4 Reading Pinyin ソク Reading On かわ Reading Kun がわ Reading Kun そば Reading Kun cheug Reading Korean Reading Korean
side Meaning lean Meaning oppose Meaning regret Meaning côté Meaning fr pencher Meaning fr opposer Meaning fr regretter Meaning fr lado Meaning es fila Meaning es lado Meaning pt inclinação Meaning pt opõe Meaning pt pesar Meaning pt

bing4 Reading Pinyin ヘイ Reading On ホウ Reading On . Reading Kun なら.べる Reading Kun なら. Reading Kun なら.びに Reading Kun なび Nanori byeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
row Meaning and Meaning besides Meaning as well as Meaning line up Meaning rank with Meaning rival Meaning equal Meaning rangée Meaning fr et Meaning fr en outre Meaning fr de plus Meaning fr faire la queue Meaning fr mettre en rang Meaning fr rival Meaning fr égal Meaning fr alinear Meaning es corriente Meaning es normal Meaning es ordinario Meaning es alinearse Meaning es estar alineado Meaning es fila Meaning pt e Meaning pt além disso Meaning pt assim como Meaning pt faz fila Meaning pt classifica com Meaning pt rival Meaning pt igual Meaning pt

lie4 Reading Pinyin レツ Reading On Reading On れっ Nanori ryeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
file Meaning row Meaning rank Meaning tier Meaning column Meaning file Meaning fr rang Meaning fr colonne Meaning fr queue Meaning fr fila Meaning es línea Meaning es hilera Meaning es arquivo Meaning pt fila Meaning pt posição Meaning pt alinhamento Meaning pt coluna Meaning pt

紡織 Word
ぼうしょく Reading
spinning and weaving Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Spinnen und Weben Translation ger filage et tissage Translation fre

紡績 Word
ぼうせき Reading
spinning Translation eng Spinnen Translation ger Spinnerei Translation ger filage Translation fre filature Translation fre

fang3 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On つむ. Reading Kun bang Reading Korean Reading Korean
spinning Meaning filage Meaning fr hilado Meaning es hilar Meaning es Girar Meaning pt

フィラメント Reading
filament Translation eng Glühfaden Translation ger

細糸 Word
さいし Reading
filament Translation eng

花糸 Word
かし Reading
(flower's) filament Translation eng {Bot.} Staubfaden Translation ger (m) Translation ger Filament Translation ger (n) Translation ger

繊条 Word
せんじょう Reading
filament Translation eng

燈絲 Traditional 灯丝 Simplified
deng1 si1 Pinyin
filament (in a lightbulb) English

絲狀物 Traditional 丝状物 Simplified
si1 zhuang4 wu4 Pinyin
filament English

冗漫 Word
じょうまん Reading
verbosity Translation eng Weitschweifigkeit Translation ger Umständlichkeit Translation ger Weitläufigkeit Translation ger (fam)longuet Translation fre diffus Translation fre filandreux Translation fre prolixe Translation fre verbeux Translation fre многосло́вие Translation rus

フィラール Reading Filar Romaji

フィラリア Reading
filaria Translation eng {Zool.} Filaria Translation ger (Fadenwurm) Translation ger {Med.} Filariasis Translation ger (von Fadenwürmern verursachte Krankheit Translation ger Abk.) Translation ger

糸状虫 Word
しじょうちゅう Reading
filaria Translation eng heartworm Translation eng

絲蟲病 Traditional 丝虫病 Simplified
si1 chong2 bing4 Pinyin
Filariose (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

フィラトフ Reading Filatov Romaji

製糸 Word
せいし Reading
spinning Translation eng silk reeling Translation eng filature Translation eng Seidenherstellung Translation ger Seidenmanufaktur Translation ger Seidenabhaspeln Translation ger

廠絲 Traditional 厂丝 Simplified
chang3 si1 Pinyin
filature silk English

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