jue2 Reading Pinyin ケツ Reading On .める Reading Kun -ぎ. Reading Kun .まる Reading Kun . Reading Kun gyeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
decide Meaning fix Meaning agree upon Meaning appoint Meaning décider Meaning fr fixer Meaning fr se mettre d'accord Meaning fr arrangement Meaning fr decidir Meaning es fijar Meaning es quedar decidido Meaning es decida Meaning pt fixar Meaning pt concordar sobre Meaning pt nomear Meaning pt

ding4 Reading Pinyin テイ Reading On ジョウ Reading On さだ.める Reading Kun さだ.まる Reading Kun さだ. Reading Kun さた Nanori jeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
determine Meaning fix Meaning establish Meaning decide Meaning déterminé Meaning fr fixé Meaning fr établi Meaning fr décidé Meaning fr determinar Meaning es establecer Meaning es decidir Meaning es determinar Meaning pt fixar Meaning pt estabelecer Meaning pt decidir Meaning pt

fu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ける Reading Kun . Reading Kun ずき Nanori づけ Nanori bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
affixed Meaning attach Meaning refer to Meaning append Meaning attaché à Meaning fr collé à Meaning fr se rapporter à Meaning fr annexe Meaning fr pegar Meaning es adjuntar Meaning es anexar Meaning es adherir Meaning es fixar Meaning pt anexar Meaning pt referir-se a Meaning pt

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