Character floating in air, drifting with wind Definition
YAO2 Pinyin jiu4 Jyutping YOU On iɛu Tang
U+98D6 Simplified

Character floating in air, drifting with wind Definition
YAO2 Pinyin jiu4 Jyutping
U+98BB Traditional

ふわっと Reading
floating Translation eng drifting Translation eng weightlessness (according to NASA) Translation eng

フローティング Reading
floating Translation eng

浮動 Word
ふどう Reading
floating Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Schwanken Translation ger Fluktuation Translation ger

浮揚 Word
ふよう Reading
floating (in the air) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Auftrieb Translation ger

浮力 Word
ふりょく Reading
buoyancy Translation eng floating power Translation eng {Phys.} Schwimmkraft Translation ger (hydrostatischer) Translation ger Auftrieb Translation ger

浮沈 Word
ふちん Reading
floating and sinking Translation eng rise and fall Translation eng ebb and flow Translation eng ups and downs Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Auf und Ab des Lebens Translation ger Gedeih und Verderb Translation ger Wechselfälle des Lebens Translation ger

浮流 Word
ふりゅう Reading
floating about Translation eng drifting Translation eng Schwimmen Translation ger Treiben Translation ger

浮遊 Word 浮游 Word
ふゆう Reading
floating Translation eng wandering Translation eng suspension Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Schweben Translation ger Schwimmen Translation ger

浮城 Word
ふじょう Reading
floating fortress Translation eng warship Translation eng (poet.) Translation ger Kriegsschiff Translation ger schwimmende Festung Translation ger

浮き草 Word 浮草 Word 浮き萍 Word Word
うきくさ Reading
floating weed Translation eng greater duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza) Translation eng precarious Translation eng unstable Translation eng {Bot.} Wasserlinse Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Spirodela polyrhiza>) Translation ger

浮き島 Word
うきしま Reading
floating mass of waterweeds Translation eng floating island Translation eng {Bot.} schwimmende Wasserpflanzen Translation ger schwebende Insel Translation ger (J. Swifts) Translation ger Laputa Translation ger

浮き桟橋 Word 浮桟橋 Word
うきさんばし Reading
floating pier Translation eng Schwimmkai Translation ger schwimmender Landungssteg Translation ger

浮動株 Word
ふどうかぶ Reading
floating stock Translation eng fluktuierende Aktien Translation ger

浮き橋 Word 浮橋 Word
うきはし Reading
floating bridge Translation eng pontoon bridge Translation eng Pontonbrücke Translation ger Schiffbrücke Translation ger

流動資本 Word
りゅうどうしほん Reading
floating capital Translation eng flüssiges Kapital Translation ger bewegliches Kapital Translation ger Umlaufkapital Translation ger

浮漂 Word
ふひょう Reading
floating Translation eng

浮遊物 Word
ふゆうぶつ Reading
suspended particles Translation eng floating matter Translation eng

工船 Word
こうせん Reading
factory boat (ship) Translation eng floating cannery Translation eng Fabrikschiff Translation ger

無党派層 Word
むとうはそう Reading
unaffiliated voters Translation eng floating voters Translation eng swinging voters Translation eng Wechselwähler Translation ger

浮き巣 Word 浮巣 Word
うきす Reading
floating nest Translation eng

浮きドック Word
うきドック Reading
floating dock Translation eng

浮き基礎 Word
うききそ Reading
floating foundation Translation eng

浮動ヘッド Word
ふどうヘッド Reading
floating head Translation eng

フローティングベスト Reading
floating vest Source Language eng life jacket Translation eng life vest Translation eng
救命胴衣 Crossref

浮木 Word
ふぼく Reading うきぎ Reading
driftwood Translation eng floating timber Translation eng

海上都市 Word
かいじょうとし Reading
artificial island city Translation eng floating city Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
fu2 Pinyin
to float English superficial English floating English unstable English movable English provisional English temporary English transient English impetuous English hollow English inflated English to exceed English superfluous English excessive English surplus English

浮動地獄 Traditional 浮动地狱 Simplified
fu2 dong4 di4 yu4 Pinyin
floating hell English slave ships English

浮點 Traditional 浮点 Simplified
fu2 dian3 Pinyin
floating point English

浮點數 Traditional 浮点数 Simplified
fu2 dian3 shu4 Pinyin
floating point English

Traditional Simplified
feng2 Pinyin
buoyant English floating English

漂雷 Traditional 漂雷 Simplified
piao1 lei2 Pinyin
floating mine English

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