Character name of a person Definition
GE4 Pinyin aak1 gok3 Jyutping

Character numerary adjunct, piece; single Definition
GE4 GE3 Pinyin go3 Jyutping KA KO On KO HI Kun KAY KA Korean Viet
U+500B Traditional

Character numerary adjunct, piece; single Definition
GE4 GE3 Pinyin go3 Jyutping KO KA On KO Kun Hangul KAY Korean Viet
U+4E2A Simplified

Character each, individually, every, all Definition
GE4 Pinyin go3 gok3 Jyutping KAKU On ONOONO Kun Hangul KAK Korean *gɑk Tang các Viet

Character (Cant.) that Definition
GE4 Pinyin go2 go3 Jyutping

Character numerary adjunct, piece; single Definition
GE4 GE3 Pinyin go3 Jyutping KA KO On KO KA Kun Hangul KAY Korean gɑ̀ Tang Viet
U+500B Variant

Character a flea; species of beetle Definition
GE4 Pinyin gat1 Jyutping

Character chromium Definition
GE4 GE2 LUO4 GE1 Pinyin gok3 Jyutping RAKU KAKU KYAKU On MORU Kun lạc Viet
U+94EC Simplified

Character chromium Definition
GE4 GE2 LUO4 Pinyin gok3 Jyutping
U+927B Traditional

Traditional Simplified
ge4 Pinyin
|[ge4] Variant

Traditional Simplified
ge4 Pinyin
individual English this English that English size English classifier for people or objects in general English

個中 Traditional 个中 Simplified
ge4 zhong1 Pinyin
therein English in this English

個中人 Traditional 个中人 Simplified
ge4 zhong1 ren2 Pinyin
a person in the know English

個人 Traditional 个人 Simplified
ge4 ren2 Pinyin
individual English personal English oneself English

個人主義 Traditional 个人主义 Simplified
ge4 ren2 zhu3 yi4 Pinyin
individualism English

個人傷害 Traditional 个人伤害 Simplified
ge4 ren2 shang1 hai4 Pinyin
personal injury English

個人儲蓄 Traditional 个人储蓄 Simplified
ge4 ren2 chu3 xu4 Pinyin
personal savings English

個人崇拜 Traditional 个人崇拜 Simplified
ge4 ren2 chong2 bai4 Pinyin
personality cult English

個人衛生 Traditional 个人卫生 Simplified
ge4 ren2 wei4 sheng1 Pinyin
personal hygiene English

個人賽 Traditional 个人赛 Simplified
ge4 ren2 sai4 Pinyin
individual competition English individual race English

個人隱私 Traditional 个人隐私 Simplified
ge4 ren2 yin3 si1 Pinyin
personal privacy English private matters English

個人電腦 Traditional 个人电脑 Simplified
ge4 ren2 dian4 nao3 Pinyin
personal computer English PC English

個個 Traditional 个个 Simplified
ge4 ge4 Pinyin
each one individually English each and every English same as 各個|各个 English

個兒 Traditional 个儿 Simplified
ge4 r5 Pinyin
size English height English stature English

個別 Traditional 个别 Simplified
ge4 bie2 Pinyin
individual English specific English respective English just one or two English

個子 Traditional 个子 Simplified
ge4 zi5 Pinyin
height English stature English build English size English

個展 Traditional 个展 Simplified
ge4 zhan3 Pinyin
a one-person exhibition English

個性 Traditional 个性 Simplified
ge4 xing4 Pinyin
individuality English personality English

個性化 Traditional 个性化 Simplified
ge4 xing4 hua4 Pinyin
to personalize English to customize (software) English

個把 Traditional 个把 Simplified
ge4 ba3 Pinyin
one or two English a couple of English

個案 Traditional 个案 Simplified
ge4 an4 Pinyin
a case English an individual case English case-by-case English

個股 Traditional 个股 Simplified
ge4 gu3 Pinyin
share (in a listed company) English

個頭 Traditional 个头 Simplified
ge4 tou2 Pinyin
size English height English

個頭兒 Traditional 个头儿 Simplified
ge4 tou2 r5 Pinyin
size English height English stature English

個體 Traditional 个体 Simplified
ge4 ti3 Pinyin
individual English

個體戶 Traditional 个体户 Simplified
ge4 ti3 hu4 Pinyin
self-employed English a private firm (PRC usage) English

Traditional Simplified
ge4 Pinyin
each English every English

各人 Traditional 各人 Simplified
ge4 ren2 Pinyin
each one English everyone English

各位 Traditional 各位 Simplified
ge4 wei4 Pinyin
everybody (a term of address) English

各個 Traditional 各个 Simplified
ge4 ge4 Pinyin
every English various English separately one-by-one English

各別 Traditional 各别 Simplified
ge4 bie2 Pinyin
distinct English characteristic English in different ways English different English

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