Character clean, purify, pure Definition
JIE2 Pinyin git3 Jyutping KETSU On ISAGYOI Kun Hangul KYEL Korean get Tang khiết Viet
U+6D01 Simplified

Character knot, tie; join, connect Definition
JIE2 JI4 JIE1 Pinyin git3 lit3 Jyutping KETSU KEI On MUSUBU YUU MUSUBI Kun Hangul KYEL Korean *get Tang kết Viet
U+7ED3 Simplified

Character get married; marriage, wedding Definition
HUN1 Pinyin fan1 Jyutping KON On ENGUMI Kun Hangul HON Korean xuən Tang

忿 Character get angry; fury, exasperation Definition
FEN4 Pinyin fan5 fan6 Jyutping FUN On IKARU Kun Hangul PWUN Korean piə̀n piə̌n Tang phẫn Viet

Character get well, recover Definition
YU4 Pinyin jyu6 Jyutping YU On IERU Kun Hangul YU Korean

Character get well, recover Definition
YU4 Pinyin jyu6 Jyutping YU On IERU Kun Hangul YU Korean
U+6108 Variant

Character get drunk, be intoxicated Definition
XUN1 Pinyin fan1 Jyutping KUN On YOU Kun xiuən Tang

わくわく Reading
tremble Translation eng get nervous Translation eng excitedly Translation eng thrilled Translation eng nervös Translation ger aufgeregt Translation ger gespannt Translation ger être excité Translation fre être nerveux Translation fre

ゲッツー Reading ゲットツー Reading
get two Source Language eng baseball double-play Translation eng {Baseb.} Double-Play Translation ger (eine Art Foul) Translation ger

ゴールイン Reading
goal in Source Language eng goal reached Translation eng make the goal Translation eng hit the goal Translation eng get married Translation eng {Sport} Tor Translation ger Torschuss Translation ger Schuss ins Tor Translation ger

ホームイン Reading
home in Source Language eng goal reached (baseball) Translation eng get home Translation eng {Baseb.} Rückkehr zur Homebase Translation ger

失せろ Word
うせろ Reading
beat it! Translation eng get out of my sight! Translation eng

帰れ Word
かえれ Reading
Go home Translation eng Get out Translation eng

あっち行け Word
あっちいけ Reading
get away from me! Translation eng

勝手にしろ Word
かってにしろ Reading
Have it your way Translation eng To hell with you! Translation eng Get rooted! Translation eng Bugger you! Translation eng

儲け話 Word
もうけばなし Reading
get rich quick scheme Translation eng

いい加減にしろ Word
いいかげんにしろ Reading
that's enough! Translation eng cut it out! Translation eng get a life! Translation eng
いい加減にしなさい Crossref

ゲットセット Reading
get set Translation eng

不依 Traditional 不依 Simplified
bu4 yi1 Pinyin
not comply English not go along with English not let off easily English not let sb English get away with it English

不脛而走 Traditional 不胫而走 Simplified
bu4 jing4 er2 zou3 Pinyin
get round fast English spread like wildfire English

介入 Traditional 介入 Simplified
jie4 ru4 Pinyin
intervene English get involved English

使免除 Traditional 使免除 Simplified
shi3 mian3 chu2 Pinyin
get rid of English

Traditional Simplified
bei4 Pinyin
to prepare English get ready English to provide or equip English

備料 Traditional 备料 Simplified
bei4 liao4 Pinyin
get the materials ready English prepare feed (for livestock) English

入獄 Traditional 入狱 Simplified
ru4 yu4 Pinyin
go to jail English get sent to prison English

共處 Traditional 共处 Simplified
gong4 chu3 Pinyin
coexist English get along (with others) English

包飯 Traditional 包饭 Simplified
bao1 fan4 Pinyin
get or supply meals at a fixed rate English board English

定婚 Traditional 定婚 Simplified
ding4 hun1 Pinyin
be betrothed English get engaged English

屏除 Traditional 屏除 Simplified
bing3 chu2 Pinyin
get rid of English dismiss English brush aside English

快點 Traditional 快点 Simplified
kuai4 dian3 Pinyin
to do sth more quickly English Hurry up! English Get a move on! English

Traditional Simplified
ti4 Pinyin
get rid of English ivory hairpin English

斃命 Traditional 毙命 Simplified
bi4 ming4 Pinyin
meet violent death English get killed English

清除 Traditional 清除 Simplified
qing1 chu2 Pinyin
eliminate English get rid of English

Traditional Simplified
xie4 Pinyin
get rid of English scatter English surname Xie English

Traditional Simplified
gun3 Pinyin
to boil English to roll English get lost (imperative) English take a hike English

滾蛋 Traditional 滚蛋 Simplified
gun3 dan4 Pinyin
get out of here! English beat it! English

滾開 Traditional 滚开 Simplified
gun3 kai1 Pinyin
to boil (of liquid) English boiling hot English Get out! English Go away! English fuck off (rude) English

發氣 Traditional 发气 Simplified
fa1 qi4 Pinyin
get angry English

相處 Traditional 相处 Simplified
xiang1 chu3 Pinyin
get along with each other English

走開 Traditional 走开 Simplified
zou3 kai1 Pinyin
to go somewhere else English Get out of the way! English

Traditional Simplified
chu2 Pinyin
a hoe English to hoe or dig English to weed English get rid of English

高升 Traditional 高升 Simplified
gao1 sheng1 Pinyin
get a promotion English

an4 Reading Pinyin アン Reading On オン Reading On やみ Reading Kun くら. Reading Kun am Reading Korean Reading Korean
get dark Meaning gloom Meaning disorder Meaning oscuro Meaning es sombrío Meaning es poco claro Meaning es sin esperanza Meaning es confuso Meaning es

yan4 Reading Pinyin yan1 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On オン Reading On アン Reading On オウ Reading On ユウ Reading On ヨウ Reading On いや Reading Kun .きる Reading Kun いと. Reading Kun おさ.える Reading Kun yeom Reading Korean am Reading Korean yeob Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
get tired of Meaning satiate Meaning bore Meaning

huo4 Reading Pinyin カク Reading On . Reading Kun hoeg Reading Korean Reading Korean
seize Meaning get Meaning find Meaning earn Meaning acquire Meaning can Meaning may Meaning able to Meaning prise Meaning fr capturer Meaning fr obtenir Meaning fr gagner Meaning fr acquérir Meaning fr pouvoir Meaning fr pouvoir faire Meaning fr agarrar Meaning es coger Meaning es conseguir Meaning es adquirir Meaning es ganar Meaning es tocarle (algo) a uno Meaning es prender Meaning pt obter Meaning pt achar Meaning pt ganhar Meaning pt adquirir Meaning pt poder Meaning pt ser capaz de Meaning pt

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