のり Reading
paste Translation eng glue Translation eng starch Translation eng Klebstoff Translation ger Kleber Translation ger Stärke Translation ger amidon Translation fre pâte Translation fre

接着剤 Word
せっちゃくざい Reading
adhesive Translation eng glue Translation eng Kleber Translation ger Klebstoff Translation ger Klebemittel Translation ger

にかわ Reading
glue Translation eng Leim Translation ger Knochenleim Translation ger Tischlerleim Translation ger

膠漆 Word
こうしつ Reading
glue and lacquer Translation eng great intimacy Translation eng Leim und Lack Translation ger (übertr.) Translation ger große Intimität Translation ger

布海苔 Word 海蘿 Word
ふのり Reading
funori (seaweed) Translation eng glue plant Translation eng {Bot.} Funori Translation ger (Meeresalge aus der Gattung Gloiopeltis Translation ger <wiss. N.: Gloiopeltis frucata>) Translation ger Gloiopeltisstärke Translation ger Kleiderstärke Translation ger Stärke Translation ger

シンナー遊び Word
シンナーあそび Reading
paint sniffing Translation eng thinner sniffing Translation eng glue sniffing (huffing) Translation eng Schnüffeln von Verdünnung Translation ger

粘合劑 Traditional 粘合剂 Simplified
nian2 he2 ji4 Pinyin
adhesive English glue English

糊劑 Traditional 糊剂 Simplified
hu2 ji4 Pinyin
paste English glue English

Traditional Simplified
jiao1 Pinyin
to glue English glue English gum English rubber English

膠水 Traditional 胶水 Simplified
jiao1 shui3 Pinyin
glue English

hu2 Reading Pinyin hu1 Reading Pinyin hu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On コツ Reading On のり Reading Kun ho Reading Korean Reading Korean
paste Meaning glue Meaning sizing Meaning pasta Meaning es almidón Meaning es caldo de arroz Meaning es apariencia ausente Meaning es apariencia distraída Meaning es

jiao1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On キョウ Reading On にかわ Reading Kun にべ Reading Kun gyo Reading Korean Reading Korean
glue Meaning isinglass Meaning

nian2 Reading Pinyin ネン Reading On ねば. Reading Kun ねば. Reading Kun jeom Reading Korean Reading Korean
stick to Meaning glutinous Meaning sticky Meaning glue Meaning

jiao1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On ギョウ Reading On こえ Reading Kun はぎのほね Reading Kun
glue Meaning gum Meaning resin Meaning rubber Meaning sound Meaning shin bone Meaning

Character glue, a kind of cement made of hemp, lime and oil Definition
NI4 Pinyin nik1 Jyutping

Character glue, gum, resin, rubber; sound; shin bone Definition
U+81A0 Traditional

Character glue, gum, resin, rubber Definition
JIAO1 JIAO3 Pinyin gaau1 Jyutping KOU On NIKAWA Kun Hangul KYO Korean gau Tang keo Viet
U+80F6 Simplified

グリュック Reading Glueck Romaji

密着 Word
みっちゃく Reading
glued to Translation eng closely related to Translation eng giving total coverage to the key figure(s) of a TV or film documentary Translation eng Festkleben Translation ger {Fotog.} Kontaktabzug Translation ger

膠付け Word
にかわづけ Reading
glueing Translation eng

膠質 Word
こうしつ Reading
gluey Translation eng colloidal Translation eng {Chem.} Kolloid Translation ger

膠狀 Traditional 胶状 Simplified
jiao1 zhuang4 Pinyin
gluey English gelatinous English colloid (chemistry) English

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