Character to freeze; to congeal; to curdle Definition
GONG4 Pinyin gung6 Jyutping

Character together with, all, total; to share Definition
GONG4 GONG1 Pinyin gung1 gung6 Jyutping KYOU On TOMO TOMONI DOMO Kun Hangul KONG Korean *ghiòng ghiòng Tang cộng Viet

GONG4 Pinyin

Character dirty Definition
HANG2 GANG1 ANG1 KANG3 Pinyin gong4 hong4 Jyutping
U+9AAF Traditional

Character offer tribute; tribute, gifts Definition
GONG4 Pinyin gung3 Jyutping KOU KU On MITSUGU MITSUGI Kun Hangul KONG Korean *gùng Tang cống Viet
U+8D21 Simplified

Character offer tribute; tribute, gifts Definition
GONG4 Pinyin gung3 Jyutping
U+8CA2 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
gong4 Pinyin
offer English sacrificial offering English trial statement English confession English

供佛花 Traditional 供佛花 Simplified
gong4 fo2 hua1 Pinyin
flower offering English

供品 Traditional 供品 Simplified
gong4 pin3 Pinyin
offering English

供物 Traditional 供物 Simplified
gong4 wu4 Pinyin
offering English

供稱 Traditional 供称 Simplified
gong4 cheng1 Pinyin
to make a confession (law) English

供職 Traditional 供职 Simplified
gong4 zhi2 Pinyin
hold an office or post English

供花 Traditional 供花 Simplified
gong4 hua1 Pinyin
flower offering English

供詞 Traditional 供词 Simplified
gong4 ci2 Pinyin
statement of confession English

供認 Traditional 供认 Simplified
gong4 ren4 Pinyin
to confess English confession English

供養 Traditional 供养 Simplified
gong4 yang3 Pinyin
to make offerings (to the Gods) English

Traditional Simplified
gong4 Pinyin
common English general English to share English together English total English altogether English abbr. for 共產黨|共产党[gong4 chan3 dang3], Communist party English

共乘 Traditional 共乘 Simplified
gong4 cheng2 Pinyin
to ride together English to carpool English

共享 Traditional 共享 Simplified
gong4 xiang3 Pinyin
to share English to enjoy together English

共享帶寬 Traditional 共享带宽 Simplified
gong4 xiang3 dai4 kuan1 Pinyin
shared bandwidth English

共享計劃 Traditional 共享计划 Simplified
gong4 xiang3 ji4 hua4 Pinyin
joint project English partnership English

共享軟體 Traditional 共享软体 Simplified
gong4 xiang3 ruan3 ti3 Pinyin
shareware English

共價鍵 Traditional 共价键 Simplified
gong4 jia4 jian4 Pinyin
covalent bond (chemistry) English

共同 Traditional 共同 Simplified
gong4 tong2 Pinyin
common English joint English jointly English together English collaborative English

共同利益 Traditional 共同利益 Simplified
gong4 tong2 li4 yi4 Pinyin
common interest English mutual benefit English

共同努力 Traditional 共同努力 Simplified
gong4 tong2 nu3 li4 Pinyin
to work together English to collaborate English

共同基金 Traditional 共同基金 Simplified
gong4 tong2 ji1 jin1 Pinyin
mutual fund English

共同社 Traditional 共同社 Simplified
Gong4 tong2 she4 Pinyin
Kyōdō, Japanese news agency English

共同體 Traditional 共同体 Simplified
gong4 tong2 ti3 Pinyin
community English

共同點 Traditional 共同点 Simplified
gong4 tong2 dian3 Pinyin
common ground English

共和 Traditional 共和 Simplified
gong4 he2 Pinyin
republic English republicanism English

共和制 Traditional 共和制 Simplified
gong4 he2 zhi4 Pinyin
republic English

共和國 Traditional 共和国 Simplified
gong4 he2 guo2 Pinyin
republic English

共和派 Traditional 共和派 Simplified
gong4 he2 pai4 Pinyin
Republican faction English

共和黨 Traditional 共和党 Simplified
Gong4 he2 dang3 Pinyin
Republican Party English

共商 Traditional 共商 Simplified
gong4 shang1 Pinyin
to jointly discuss English to discuss together (business) English

共存 Traditional 共存 Simplified
gong4 cun2 Pinyin
to coexist English

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