Character grow up, commodity prices Definition
HUI4 KUI3 Pinyin hung2 kui2 wak6 Jyutping

成長 Word
せいちょう Reading
growth Translation eng grow to adulthood Translation eng Wachsen Translation ger Wachstum Translation ger Entwicklung Translation ger Wuchs Translation ger (wachsen und dabei reif werden) Translation ger croissance Translation fre développement Translation fre рост Translation rus развитие Translation rus

深深 Word 深々 Word
しんしん Reading
grow very late at night Translation eng silent Translation eng piercing (cold) Translation eng sehr tief Translation ger

グロー Reading Grow Romaji

種植 Traditional 种植 Simplified
zhong4 zhi2 Pinyin
plant English grow English

長出 Traditional 长出 Simplified
zhang3 chu1 Pinyin
grow out English bring forth English

an4 Reading Pinyin アン Reading On くら. Reading Kun くら. Reading Kun くれ. Reading Kun am Reading Korean Reading Korean
darkness Meaning disappear Meaning shade Meaning informal Meaning grow dark Meaning be blinded Meaning obscurité Meaning fr disparaître Meaning fr ombre Meaning fr informel Meaning fr s'assombrir Meaning fr être aveuglé Meaning fr oscuro Meaning es poco claro Meaning es memorizar Meaning es sombrío Meaning es escuridão Meaning pt desaparecer Meaning pt sombra Meaning pt informal Meaning pt escurecer Meaning pt cegar Meaning pt

yu4 Reading Pinyin イク Reading On そだ. Reading Kun そだ. Reading Kun そだ.てる Reading Kun はぐく. Reading Kun やす Nanori yug Reading Korean Reading Korean
bring up Meaning grow up Meaning raise Meaning rear Meaning élever Meaning fr grandir Meaning fr educar Meaning es criar Meaning es ser educado Meaning es crecer Meaning es educar Meaning pt crescer Meaning pt levantar Meaning pt elevar Meaning pt

xia2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On かすみ Reading Kun かす. Reading Kun ha Reading Korean Reading Korean
be hazy Meaning grow dim Meaning blurred Meaning neblina Meaning es bruma Meaning es estar brumoso Meaning es estar nebuloso Meaning es

geng4 Reading Pinyin geng1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On さら Reading Kun さら. Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun .かす Reading Kun gyeong Reading Korean gaeng Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
grow late Meaning night watch Meaning sit up late Meaning of course Meaning se faire tard Meaning fr veiller Meaning fr de plus Meaning fr bien sûr Meaning fr renovar Meaning es cambiar Meaning es caer la noche Meaning es de nuevo Meaning es aún Meaning es ficar atrasado Meaning pt horário noturno Meaning pt certamente Meaning pt

hu1 Reading Pinyin コツ Reading On ほけ. Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun .れる Reading Kun hol Reading Korean Reading Korean
fall in love with Meaning admire Meaning grow senile Meaning

song1 Reading Pinyin スウ Reading On シュウ Reading On かさ Reading Kun かさ. Reading Kun たか. Reading Kun たかし Nanori たか Nanori たけ Nanori sung Reading Korean Reading Korean
be aggravated Meaning grow worse Meaning grow bulky Meaning swell Meaning irritado Meaning es exasperado Meaning es hincharse Meaning es alto Meaning es

cheng2 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On ジョウ Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun -な. Reading Kun あき Nanori あきら Nanori しげ Nanori そん Nanori たえ Nanori なお Nanori なり Nanori なる Nanori のり Nanori ひら Nanori まさ Nanori よし Nanori Nanori seong Reading Korean Reading Korean
turn into Meaning become Meaning get Meaning grow Meaning elapse Meaning reach Meaning se changer en Meaning fr devenir Meaning fr obtenir Meaning fr croissance Meaning fr s'écouler Meaning fr accomplir Meaning fr convertirse en Meaning es resultar Meaning es consistir en Meaning es hacerse Meaning es llegar a ser Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es lograr Meaning es tornar-se Meaning pt obter Meaning pt crescer Meaning pt passar Meaning pt alcançar Meaning pt

fan2 Reading Pinyin fan1 Reading Pinyin バン Reading On ハン Reading On しげ Nanori しげる Nanori Nanori beon Reading Korean Reading Korean
grow luxuriously Meaning

mu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On つの. Reading Kun mo Reading Korean Reading Korean
recruit Meaning campaign Meaning gather (contributions) Meaning enlist Meaning grow violent Meaning recruter Meaning fr mener une campagne Meaning fr appel (contributions) Meaning fr enrôler Meaning fr devenir violent Meaning fr reclutar Meaning es requerir Meaning es recolectar Meaning es recrutar Meaning pt campanha Meaning pt juntar (contribuições) Meaning pt alistar Meaning pt ficar violento Meaning pt

mao4 Reading Pinyin Reading On しげ. Reading Kun うむさ Nanori Nanori Nanori つとむ Nanori Nanori もて Nanori mu Reading Korean Reading Korean
overgrown Meaning grow thick Meaning be luxuriant Meaning pousser dru Meaning fr s'épaissir Meaning fr luxuriant Meaning fr frondoso Meaning es exuberante Meaning es tupido Meaning es engordar Meaning es crecer (plantas) Meaning es ser lujoso Meaning es hacerse frondoso Meaning es hacerse tupido Meaning es Coberto de plantas Meaning pt cresce forte Meaning pt luxuriante Meaning pt

lao3 Reading Pinyin ロウ Reading On .いる Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun えび Nanori おい Nanori Nanori ro Reading Korean Reading Korean
old man Meaning old age Meaning grow old Meaning vieillard Meaning fr âgé Meaning fr vieillir Meaning fr envejecer Meaning es viejo Meaning es experimentado Meaning es hacerse viejo Meaning es velho Meaning pt velhice Meaning pt envelhecer Meaning pt

quan1 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On うむ Reading Kun gweon Reading Korean Reading Korean
be respectful Meaning grow tired Meaning

fou3 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun bu Reading Korean mu Reading Korean bog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
grow mouldy Meaning

yu4 Reading Pinyin イク Reading On そだ. Reading Kun そだ.てる Reading Kun はぐく. Reading Kun りゅう Nanori yug Reading Korean Reading Korean
bring up Meaning grow up Meaning raise Meaning rear Meaning

Character grow, multiply, increase; thrive Definition
ZI1 CI2 Pinyin zi1 Jyutping JI SHI On SHIGERU MASU MASUMASU Kun Hangul CA Korean *tziə Tang

悪化 Word あっ化 Word
あっか Reading
(suffer) deterioration Translation eng growing worse Translation eng aggravation Translation eng degeneration Translation eng corruption Translation eng Verschlechterung Translation ger Verschlimmerung Translation ger aggravation Translation fre dégénération Translation fre détérioration Translation fre ухудшение Translation rus

羽化 Word
うか Reading
emergence (of insects) Translation eng growing wings and flying Translation eng Schlüpfen eines Insektes aus der Verpuppung Translation ger Flügel-Bekommen Translation ger

増長 Word
ぞうちょう Reading
growing impudent Translation eng becoming arrogant Translation eng Zunahme der Anmaßung Translation ger Zunahme des Hochmuts Translation ger Zunahme einer negativen Tendenz Translation ger

直出 Word
ちょくしゅつ Reading
shooting straight out Translation eng growing straight down Translation eng

野生 Word
やせい Reading
wild Translation eng growing wild Translation eng I Translation eng Wildheit Translation ger sauvage Translation fre

偕老 Word
かいろう Reading
growing old together Translation eng

族生 Word 簇生 Word
ぞくせい Reading
(of plants) growing in clusters Translation eng growing gregariously Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Wachstum in Gruppen Translation ger

自生 Word
じせい Reading
growing wild (naturally) Translation eng native Translation eng wildes Wachstum Translation ger Autogenese Translation ger Urzeugung Translation ger

生生 Word
せいせい Reading
lively Translation eng growing up Translation eng

白白 Word 白々 Word
しらしら Reading しらじら Reading
growing light (e.g. at dawn) Translation eng pale Translation eng appearing dumb Translation eng talking in an obvious way Translation eng

成長期 Word
せいちょうき Reading
growth period Translation eng growing season Translation eng {Bot.} Wachstumsperiode Translation ger

右肩上がり Word
みぎかたあがり Reading
growing (graph rising to the right) Translation eng expanding Translation eng soaring Translation eng ständiges Wachstum Translation ger

促迫 Word
そくはく Reading
growing urgent Translation eng becoming distressful Translation eng

右上がり Word 右上り Word
みぎあがり Reading
rising diagonally up and to the right Translation eng growing Translation eng expanding Translation eng soaring Translation eng

更け Word Word Word
ふけ Reading
growing late Translation eng latening Translation eng

作り Word 造り Word
づくり Reading
making Translation eng forming Translation eng cultivating Translation eng growing Translation eng form Translation eng appearance Translation eng

オヤジ化 Word
オヤジか Reading
growing old Translation eng

茂り Word 繁り Word
しげり Reading
growing thick Translation eng

套作 Traditional 套作 Simplified
tao4 zuo4 Pinyin
intercropping English growing several crops together English

發展趨勢 Traditional 发展趋势 Simplified
fa1 zhan3 qu1 shi4 Pinyin
growing trend English

盆栽 Traditional 盆栽 Simplified
pen2 zai1 Pinyin
growing plants in pots English Japanese: bonsai English

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